How to Stop the Most Dangerous Animal on Earth

You find yourself outside trapped in a hostile environment, perhaps lost, hungry, thirsty and fatigued. Those are more than enough issues to deal with, but there is one creature lurking about that has one thing on its mind .. to taste your blood. How to stop the most dangerous animal on earth is utmost in your mind. How do you escape the wrath of mosquitoes? What? Mosquitoes! That’s right bud.

According to World Health Organization, mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animal on earth as they are the primary vectors for major human diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever and now, the Zika virus, which infects hundreds of millions of humans worldwide and kill several million each and every year. The mosquito itself doesn’t kill you, but by feeding on your blood it injects its saliva which contains the disease causing agents. It’s like the gun didn’t kill you, the bullet did. The mosquito is the gun.

Whether you’re in the woods on a camp out, having drinks on the patio at night, or simply taking a walk at dusk you are a prime target for the hungry mosquito’s ravaging, blood sucking bite. Obviously not every mosquito bite results in infection by a disease, but every bite results in a raised whelp that itches like crazy. Let’s explore methods to keep the pesky mosquito at bay.

Dry Ice emits a lot of carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes, exactly like when you exhale. Place a large piece of dry ice in a container, leaving the lid off, and set it a short distance away from you. The mosquitoes will flock to the dry ice, leaving you alone. When the container becomes full, or you leave the area, close the lid and let the mosquitoes die.

Coffee grinds are more of a preventive measure than a repellent. In order to prevent a mosquito problem it’s essential to not provide an inviting environment. Wherever you notice standing water, you can’t regrade your yard to eliminate every low spot, simply sprinkle coffee grinds into the water. This will deprive the mosquito eggs of oxygen, thus killing them before they become full grown mosquitoes.

Fans create air circulation and mosquitoes don’t like it because it negatively affects their infrared senses and makes it difficult for them to fly. That’s possibly the reason that last night mosquitoes ate you up, no wind, but tonight they have disappeared, a strong wind is blowing.

Red Cedar Mulch will help ward off mosquitoes. Spread the mulch around landscaping to enhance looks as you normally would do. Then make a brew by boiling several pieces of the red cedar mulch in a pot, much like you would make a pot of tea. Pour the brew into a plastic spray bottle and spray places you didn’t or couldn’t put the mulch itself.

Lemon Joy dish detergent poured onto paper plates draws the mosquito to the lemon scent which keeps them away from you.

Burning Pinion Wood in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will repel mosquitoes as they hate the pungent smell of this particular wood.

The Mosquito Plant, which is a lemon-scented Germanium is quite good at repelling mosquitoes and offers a scent of refreshing lemon in the air.

All out war. If you are totally disgusted with a mosquito problem use a large scale attack on their environment. Using a spray type garden feeder, make a mixture of:

1/3 bottle of stale beer (doesn’t matter what brand)

1/3 epsom salt

1/3 mouth wash (doesn’t matter the brand but it must have alcohol content)

Saturate the lawn, bushes, patios and anywhere you think mosquitoes may hide or breed. The solution has a funny odor to it at first, but quickly dissipates. Perform this at the beginning of the outdoor season and again in the middle.

Rosemary is a natural mosquito repellent, which can be utilized by burning a few stalks of it in the area you’re located in.

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Soybean Oil added to a candle and lit will chase the mosquitoes away.

Citronella Oil is a very effective repellent. Simply pour into a candle, or an oil lamp and light. You can pour a few drops onto your person for added repelling fragrance.

Mint, Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil are pungent to mosquitoes. Simply rub a small amount on exposed skin and you’ll be bite free.

Lilac and Coconut Oil rubbed on your exposed skin will repel mosquitoes.

Putting on your Armor

Clothing, and what type, is your exterior armor for protection against mosquito bites. These are suggestions from researchers who operate in the highly infested areas of the Florida Everglades.

  1. Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts,

  2. Hats with netting are extremely beneficial,

  3. Insect repellents are a must for exposed areas like the neck, hands and face. Do not spray your face directly, in order to protect your eyes, but rather spray the palms of your hands and rub the repellent on your face,

  4. Wear boots and tuck the pant legs inside the tops,

  5. Spray your lower legs and feet. For some reason Zika carrying mosquitoes love the odor of feet and are prone to bite areas close to the ground,

  6. Wear baggy clothes. Tight fitting pants like spandex do not prevent a mosquito from biting right through it.

The question of how often should you reapply insect repellent is often asked and although there may not be a single one concrete answer, there are normal procedures. Generally following the manufacturer’s instructions is the best advise to follow, however there are some variables included in this. Products that contain DEET are considered the best choice, but those products come in varying concentrates. A 10% concentrate may protect a person exposed to normal mosquito activity for up to an hour, a person in an infested area will require a 20% to 25% DEET concentrate. A thorough spraying should last for 4 hours before requiring reapplying. The higher the concentrate … the longer it will last.

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Last Desperate Stand

Should you really find yourself stranded in an infested area, it is imperative you protect your survival shelter or camp from invasion. For this we employ the single best method for fending off hordes of mosquitoes … we build a smudge fire.

The first step is to start a normal fire by using tinder and dry wood. After establishing a fire begin adding moist wood (which is why you must have a fire already going) termite damaged wood is excellent, as are toxic tree smoke such as pine or cedar wood. You do not want to create a blazing fire, just the opposite. You want the moist rotten wood to smolder which creates a lot of smoke. This smoke is what drives the mosquitoes away.

How to Stop the Most Dangerous Animal on Earth is not a trivia question. A creature that kills millions of people a year, more than all other animal species in the world combined, definitely earns that label. Protecting yourself is no laughing matter, especially if you are in a part of the world where disease carrying mosquitoes are prevalent. Diseases withstanding, the irritating itching whelps caused by mosquito bites is enough incentive to protect yourself.

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