Medical Tricks

The human body and its inner workings are absolutely nothing short of amazing. We all know the old cure for a sunburn… aloe, a cough… honey, a toothache … chewing tobacco, but if you really understand the connections that make the body function, or not, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish with a few medical tricks. Medical tricks? Well, they’re not really tricks, they are the result of the infinite body functions and what certain actions will produce certain bodily results.

What I’m going to do is offer a few medical tips from medical experts that can affect common problems we experience as humans. These tricks, shall we say, are quite commonly known by medical professionals that dedicate their lives to medicine and the investigation of the human body. However, we (if you’re like me) don’t have a clue as to the tricks we are about to explore, but I bet at least one of these tricks will apply and help you solve a problem.

Let’s delve into the world of medical tricks.

Hearing Better: We have 2 ears which we use to hear and both are the same. Wrong! Our ears collect and hear data differently. If you are in a noisy room and wish to carry on a conversation with someone, turn your head to expose your right ear towards the person, as the right ear is better at following rapid rhythms of speech than your left ear. However, your left ear is better at picking up music tones, so turn your left ear to the soft playing radio in order to hear the music.

Overcoming Mother Nature: If a male needs desperately to pee, but there are no bathrooms close and you’re in a public area, what do you do? Think about sex. Imagining a sexual encounter or a sexy female will preoccupy your brain and lessen the discomfort. Obviously this is not a long term solution, but can hopefully buy you adequate time to find a restroom. Not surprisingly and maybe sexist, there has been no study of females to discover if the same applies to them. (Something to do if you’re bored)

World spinning? Ever drink a hair too much and felt dizzy? More than I’d like to admit, but do you know why you are actually dizzy? The alcohol yes, but why? The part of the ear that controls stability and balance is known as the cupula, which floats in a fluid composition the same density as blood. When the excess alcohol dilutes the blood the cupula floats in, it becomes less dense allowing the cupula to rise and create the imbalance you feel by confusing the brain.


The best remedy for this dizziness is to place your hand on something (table for instance) stable and not moving. This tactile input of stability gives the brain a second opinion of what’s actually occurring and helps orient the brain, resulting in feeling more balanced. Although the conventional foot-on-the-floor technique is more widely known, the nerves in the hands are much more sensitive than those in the feet allowing for greater brain comprehension.

Help I’m Dying: Anybody who wakes in the middle of the night with extreme heart burn knows what I’m talking about. It feels like you’re on fire and at times hurts so much you feel like you want to die to end the misery. The experience is so painful that many people will forego spicy foods, although they may love them, for fear of an attack of acid reflux during the night.

According to medical professionals one effective preventive measure is to sleep on your left side. Studies show that patients who sleep on their left side are less likely to experience a reflux attack. Why? When lying on their left side the esophagus and stomach, which are connected at an angle, are positioned with the stomach higher than the esophagus. This allows gravity to help maintain the food and acids in your stomach instead of rising into the esophagus and creating heart burn. Although not a 100% effective any advantage to reduce reflux is greatly appreciated.

Medical Tricks Take the Pain Away: When a child is given a shot 99% of them will scream bloody murder, some adults also fit this criteria, because obviously it creates and pain and hurts. The traditional method of pinching a bit of skin and injecting the needle may theoretically work at pain reduction, but actually just confuses the brain. The pain from the squeeze is worse than the needle, therefore the needle puncture doesn’t seem to hurt. A little feint and misdirection play.

Scientifically speaking, if want to stop the pain, not just mask it by creating greater pain somewhere else, you need to cough during an injection. That’s right cough. Studies show this phenomenon works because the cough creates a temporary rise of pressure in the chest and spinal canal, which inhibits pain – conducting structures along the spinal cord. In other words, it’s like a mini-spinal tap deadening pain nerves.

Stop, stop, stop: Ever be taking a jog and be stopped in your tracks by a stitch in your side? Ever wonder what causes this sudden pain and how to avoid it? It’s a natural phenom that most people, while running, will exhale as your right foot hits the ground. They’re not sure why, maybe because most people are right handed or right side brain dominate? This downward pressure creates pressure on your liver, which happens to be located on your right side, which then tugs at the diaphragm, which in turn creates the side stitch. The simple fix is to learn to exhale as your left foot hits the ground. Who would have guessed that?

Brain Freeze: Most likely everyone has experienced what is referred to as brain freeze. It’s an event that occurs when eating or drinking very cold solid or liquid substances and you suddenly experience an extreme headache. Although temporary the pain can be quite unsettling. What creates this occurrence is the nerves in the roof of your mouth become very cold as the frigid substance (ice cream) passes on the way down the throat. These nerves tell the brain the roof of your mouth is freezing, and being located adjacent, the body assumes the brain is also freezing. In order to prevent damage to the brain, the body overcompensates and overheats, thus causing the “brain freeze.”



You can lessen the pain and duration of the brain freeze by pressing your tongue as flat as possible against the roof of the mouth quickly warming the nerves locate there. That signals the brain the danger no longer exists.

Pins and Needles: Ever have your hand go to sleep while driving or waking up from a nap and an odd hand position? Sometimes the hand experiences a pins & needles stabbing affect, sometimes a dead feeling. This feeling will dissipate eventually but if you need quicker relief, rock your head side to side. What?

The majority of a tingling hand or arm is the result of compression in the bundle of nerves in your neck. By moving the head side to side you loosen the neck muscles, thus relieving the tingling. Compressed nerves in the lower body can create this sensation in the feet, so get up and walk around or at least stand up.

Medical Tricks that allows you to seemingly Breathe Underwater: Ever see a quarter lying at the bottom of the pool and no matter how many times you try to retrieve it, you run out of breath before being successful. Here’s how to increase your time under water. When you’re under water it’s not the lack of oxygen that makes you desperate to breathe and abort to the surface. It’s actually the build up of carbon dioxide, which makes your blood acidic, signaling to the brain something is very wrong, which forces you to the surface in order to draw a breath.

To help in this matter, instead of taking a deep breath and going under, take several short breaths, like you were hyperventilating. When you hyperventilate the additional influx of oxygen lowers the blood acidity, which tricks the brain into thinking it has more oxygen than it actually has. These types of medical tricks will buy you an extra 10-12 seconds underwater.

Hocus Pocus Medical Tricks: Wanna win a bar bet by being the strongest person in the bar? Pick out the biggest and strongest person in the bar. Have this person hold one arm straight out to the side, palm down, and tell him to hold that position. Using two fingers try to push his arm down. He’ll resist and you won’t be able to budge his arm. Now try again, but before you do have him rest his foot, either foot, on an object a half inch high, a few magazines will work and return to his original positioning. Using the same two fingers try pushing the arm downward … it’ll fall like a rock.

How? Why? When the person lifts one foot higher than the other, even though its a minute distance, you have misaligned his hips and have offset his spine. His brain will sense the spine is now vulnerable and will shut down the body’s ability to resist to the downward force because the spine is too important to risk injury.

Medical tricks is an easy catch-all phrase for manipulating the body to perform in a directed way. No, stopping a spinning room will not stop a DWI, but it’ll maybe buy you enough time to come to your senses and realize you better not drive.

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