There’s little argument that unless you are one of the elite 1%…we live in very trying times. We hear terms like trauma and PTSD thrown around by television doctors, physiologists, news people and talk show hosts, but do we really know what these terms mean? Do we have the slightest idea the toll it takes on a person and their family experiencing trauma? Hopefully not, because that means you or someone you love has experienced the roller coaster ride of a chaotic life and you were along for the ride.

The Hate effect that has swept the country in the last few years has caused these diseases to not only increase in number but manifest themselves in intensity. It may surprise you to know that victims of crime, soldiers exposed to battle and migrants trekking a 1000 miles in an attempt to provide for their family’s welfare and safety all experience these same identical symptoms. We will mainly explore trauma through the eyes of a victim of a violent crime, as we all have been victimized in some shape or form in our life and may be better able to relate to this example. Let’s begin with out sample case.

Any crime victim will experience the trauma of victimization as an aftermath of experiencing the crime. Although outwardly seemingly unhurt from the incident the victim will suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. The primary effects of the experience can be generally grouped into 3 main categories: physical injury, financial injury and emotional injury. There are also possibilities of experiencing secondary injuries.


Trauma Issues

  • The physical injury is usually apparent such as cuts, bruises, fractured limbs, although internal injuries may also be present depending on the incident. It’s not unusual for physical injuries to be accompanied by severe fatigue, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much and loss or gain of appetite.

  • Victims suffer financially when their belongings, money, jewelry etc are stolen or damaged. They also suffer financially when insurance does not cover incurred expenses like hospitalization, medicine or funeral costs.

  • Emotional injuries may be the worse result yet of a crime. Not only is the victim affected immediately, but there may be long term problems for the victim and their family.

Some medical books describes a victim’s reaction to a crime as the Crisis Reaction. Most victims will react differently to the crime depending on the level of personal violation they feel they incurred. For instance a victim of a non-violent crime may feel less violated than a victim held up at gunpoint. This is not always the case as a victim of having their home burglarized may feel violently violated as their sanctuary of safety, their home, has been taken away. Trauma doesn’t restrict itself.


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There are certain common responses to the underlying reaction that a victim will undergo. These reactions may not happen for some time and these are not all inclusive:

  • They incur shock

  • numbness to the event

  • denial that it could happen to them or a family member

  • disbelief at the criminal act

  • anger … sometimes extreme

  • And finally recovery, which may be a week or may take a lifetime.

Nothing heals the pain and trauma but passing of time and sometimes that only barely lessens the agony. Here are a few tips for helping yourself or someone else cope:

  • Find a person you can talk to about your feelings with no fear of being mocked, privacy violated or any other fear. They must be trusted.

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain whether physical or emotional. It will not last forever, not at the current level anyhow.

  • Spend times with others, but make quiet time for yourself.

  • Take care of yourself, mind and body. This may not be easy, but is necessary. Rest, sleep, eat regularly and not just junk food

  • Re-establish a normal routine as soon as possible

  • Re-take control of decisions caring friends and family may have taken over

  • Regain your routine, but move more carefully and cautiously as you may not be 100% yet and you don’t need an accident to compound the issue.

  • Recall things that helped you cope in the past. Prayer, mediation, reading whatever helped.

Let’s examine the shock and/or numbness effect of trauma.

Shock and/or numbness are usually experienced at the initial stage of the crisis event. Whether you are a control freak or not, everyone has control over certain elements of their life, or at least feels they do. Suddenly and without warning the person is in a situation totally beyond their control and this total absence of control leaves them numb and disoriented.

It’s at this point the victim will incur the Fight or Flight syndrome which is a built in self preservation mechanism God gave us and we literally have no, or very little control over it. It’s known as an automatic physiological response. As noted this is a self preservation response but most victims don’t understand their response to the emotion or their lack of control.


A woman who took an intensive self-defense program in order to protect herself will be confused and embarrassed as to why when confronted she couldn’t initiate one defensive move she’d been taught. Or a man who turns and runs instead of standing and fighting will experience the shame of feeling like a coward, although that is not true. To rebut the person for their reactions results in secondary injuries which may never go away. “Once a coward always a coward type thing.”

You may ask how do soldiers, first respondents, police overcome this fight or flight syndrome control? Simply put … training. Ask nearly any person who became a hero for the moment and they’ll tell you their training took over.

Denial, Disbelief and Anger

During this segment of trauma the victim may or will most likely experience extreme mood fluctuations. Research shows victims nearly all react the same way. They will question fate:

Why did this happen to me?”

This couldn’t have happened to me!”

  • Many will experience dreams replaying the event, sometimes exactly as they remember it and other times distorted with crazy unrelated things interjected.

  • They may dream (nightmares if you will) about killing or causing great bodily harm to the offender. Torture becomes tantalizing.

  • Homicide victims may feel anger at the dead victim, reasoning if the person had done something different, not stayed late at work or took a different way home, they would not have been killed.

This will be a terrible time of trauma when the victim will contend with an abundance of emotional and stressful emotions such as:

  • Fear

  • Despair

  • Self-pity

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Anger

  • Hostility

Emotional help assuring them these feelings are normal and OK is important. Never make light of their pain.

ptsd injury

This is Real

Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome:

Historically this type of trauma was used to describe military veterans and was referred to as being shell shocked or having that 1000 yard stare. Researchers now apply this syndrome to crime victims and other victims of violent actions (like being tear gassed with your children). It must be noted not every victim of a crime or every soldier experiencing combat will develop PTSD. This is especially true if preemptive crisis intervention counseling is offered and taken.

Some recognizable symptoms of PTSD are:

  • Sleeping disorders/continued nightmares;

  • Constant flashbacks/intrusion of thoughts;

  • Extreme tension and anxiety;

  • Irritability/outbursts of anger;

  • Non-responsiveness or lack of involvement with the external world;

  • Prolonged feelings of detachment or estrangement of others; and

  • Memory trouble.

PTSD is a very complicated diagnosis and the presence of any of the above-mentioned symptoms does not mean that a person is suffering from PTSD. However, it’s my strong suggestion demonstration of these signs require follow up analyzation by a medical professional.

Secondary Injuries:

One must remember a trauma victim not only struggles with primary injuries, but also must battle secondary injuries. Most secondary injuries are provoked by the victim failing to receive proper support and understanding by trusted and/or loved ones. For instance:

  1. A soldier returning from combat will have trouble relating to their family at first. Either the family repeatedly questions the soldier about their experiences and the soldier doesn’t want to talk about them, or visa versa the family doesn’t want to hear about the horrors of war. This was a daily travesty for soldiers returning from combat during the VietNam war. They were met with jeers and hatred by fellow Americans.

  2. Victims of violent crime may be treated with the negative attitude by professionals that they were somehow responsible for the crime. They were dressed provocatively resulting in them being raped, or they had no business in that type of bad neighborhood. Sometimes people who ought to know better display the height of ignorance and indifference.

<> on April 1, 2014 in Nogales, Arizona.

Hate this one

This is not political, but as I write this piece I can’t help but think of the current immigration problems we are experiencing. I’m not arguing right or wrong, I’m arguing that we as God fearing people should look at what we may be doing to innocent people.


Love These

A mother fearing for the safety of her children embarks on an unimaginable trek to the “Promised Land” (America) The distance she must travel is immense with daily dangers of being raped, killed, kidnapped and sold into slavery. The odds of the family making it all the way to America is slim to none.

Somehow they endure and are at the front gates of the prosperous, generous and tender heart Americans, Then their world collapses. They are denied legal entry to America, then are tear gassed and told they will never be allowed sanctuary. Stop and imagine that.

  1. A danger filled trek of thousands of miles on foot.

  2. Enduring unimaginable hardship along the way

  3. Then being tear gassed and told the family will never find safety

Trauma is a deadly emotional disease and we should take it more seriously than many of us do. Trauma doesn’t only occur in the movies … it’s real life. What are we doing to these children? Creating emotionally scarred and disabled people. Or creating a whole new generation of Bin Laden s intent on wrecking pain on Americans. Trauma is an uncontrollable disease with unknown results.


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Running Out of Water

My intent when I created this blog was to provide as much information as possible to help people live safer, and more enjoyable lives thru being prepared to handle crisis situations, man-made and Nature made. I feel its also my obligation to forewarn readers of potential dangers that may lurk ahead that don’t get much advertising, shall we say. The subject of running out of water is one such subject.

When we hear someone say they are running out of water, we immediately think their bottle of designer spring fed water supply is nearly exhausted or their canteen is running low, an inconvenience maybe, but rarely life threatening. That’s how spoiled we have become in industrialized, perhaps especially in the USA, countries. The issue of running out of water, something we will all die within 4 days max without, is treated as an inconvenience.

Hopefully changing our warning to “our global supply of water is in danger of running out,” will lend more weight to the issue. Unfortunately, we still have world leaders, specifically the moron who holds the US presidency, who don’t believe in climate change. So holding hope of taking this problem seriously will most likely be dashed. However, we must try.


Where’s the Water?

Let’s look at a few facts in order to set the stage.

A small child can look at an atlas and derive the fact the earth is mainly covered in water. So what’s the water shortage? For the non-believers and those who wish to just be argumentative, allow me to clarify. When I say we’re running out of water, I mean we are running out of drinkable fresh water. Of all the water on earth, freshwater makes up just 3% and less than 1% is actually freely available. The rest of the water is tied up in icebergs, glaciers, ice and snow-caps.

This means that all the water that makes up all the rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater that nearly 7 Billion people (and rising) count on for life is less than 1% of the total water on earth.

You can further break down the pending crisis another step. For some people in certain parts of the world, the issue isn’t so much lack of water, but lack of clean water. In Africa, especially, millions of people die each year from diseases that are totally preventable if they had access to clean water. Although there may be adequate water available from the nearby river, it is so contaminated with animal feces, human waste and industrial organisms from the city located 300 miles away, it’s literally a slow death sentence to drink it. What choice do they have?


Melting Iceberg

There are many factors that effect the reducing amount of potable water, but one reason stands above all others. The ever increasing global population boom. As populations grow so does the demand on water, not only for drinking but for agriculture and livestock. In industrializing countries industry requirements demand more water, for instance nuclear power plants demand huge amounts of water for operation. In other words water is essential for maintaining life, the basis of economies and the maintaining of society.

Historical records show the last massive war fought over water was in Mesopotamia 4500 years ago. Based on that information you may assume that a war over water is unlikely. Is that so?

2003 Darfur Sudan, a diminishing water supply provoked an armed conflict that resulted in 400,000 Africans being killed. Depends on who you’re talking to, but I’d call that a war.

Can’t happen to us. Why not? The Darfur conflict began as a local issue but quickly grew to encompass an entire region in war. I may or may not go to war with you if you have a vast deposit of gold in your country and I have none. But … the huge difference with water is it knows no geographic boundaries. The lake or river can be located or flow through several countries. Who owns it? As supplies of water diminish these water sources that caused no problems for centuries, all of a sudden results in severe animosity or hatred. Especially if one country perceives the other country is consuming more than their fair share.


Unlivable Terrain 

Can’t Happen Here.

If anything the last 2 years of political upheaval and trashing of American norms should teach us is we are not immune to terrible things happening to us just because we are Americans.

In October 2007, a 20 year old water dispute, nick named the Water War, broke out into near open hostilities between the states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia. A severe drought in the region created the possibility of Atlanta and its 4.5 million residents, could run out of water. The state’s National Guards were placed on alert, but fortunately only fiery rhetoric and not bullets were exchanged between the parties.


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In 2007 the town of Orme’s, Tennessee water supply dried up leaving its 145 residents without potable water for drinking or bathing. The nearby town of New Hope, Alabama not only allowed Orme to bring trucks to take water back to resupply their water system, but allowed them to run a 2 mile pipe line in order to tap into New Hope’s water system. What would have happened to Orme had New Hope refused to offer help? Would Orme simply collapse becoming a ghost town? Would armed conflict breakout between the 2 towns? Would each state take up arms to protect their citizens. Sometimes things can quickly spin out of control.

This is not an uncommon issue. The states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado have experienced economic pressures due to shared water that resulted in a formal water sharing agreement between the states. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois are disputing water usage of the Great Lakes. I’m not insinuating a pending war or anything like that over water. I’m just trying to demonstrate this is a problem that effects all Americans.

Water is inequitably dispersed on a global level both by supply and the ability to retrieve the water. Developing nations scramble to provide their populations with water and usually end up paying more for it because they must pay for infrastructure to gain access and treat the water.


Quickly drying out

Developed countries can afford infrastructure that can deliver water cheaply and effectively to residents thus creating the illusion water is not that valuable. Digest this: it takes about 12 gallons per day to sustain a human (this takes into account all uses for water, like drinking, sanitation and food production), the average American uses about 158 gallons. Why? What do we waste that much water on?

Can Technology Save the Day?

Hopefully technology will play a huge part in addressing the Running Out of Water crisis. Agriculture uses 70% of the water consumed by people, but 42% of all that water is lost because of bad and inefficient irrigation techniques. Advances in computer and satellite technologies have helped farmers to increase production by not over watering certain areas of crops, plus water savings. Drip-irrigation is also becoming more popular and will increase as costs drop.

Desalinization plants have proved capable of removing salt from seawater making it potable and are currently in use world wide. However, the facilities are very expensive to currently operate, but with anticipated reductions of costs thru technology it could have a huge impact on water supply.

Running Out of Water has created essentially two views of the current water crisis: optimism and pessimism. As water supplies diminish, conflicts may emerge, illness and death may take place. But while some may fight, the struggle to maintain or create a viable water supply has also encouraged cooperation and innovation between governments. From water crisis also springs hope.

There is another option than the two views and unfortunately requires mentioning. That of being an idiot.

  1. You don’t solve the world over-population problem by wiping out a few billion people through a nuclear war or even a conventional war. Besides, you may be one of the billion they decide must die for the greater good. Change your mind?
  2. No, global warming and the melting of glaciers and ice shelves will not solve the running out of water issue. In ice form the water remains potable, but once it melts into the sea it becomes seawater and can’t be consumed.



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How to go Insane for Less than $2,000

Ever hear the slogan “If it was easy everyone would be doing it,” or “If I can do it you can do it.” Possibly the Best … “So easy a child can do it.”

Well, meet a child that can’t seem to do it. The Bible says “Once a man … twice a child” and I get that. You’re born helpless and die helpless, in between you hopefully get lucky and are not be a helpless adult. Although it seems instead of 19 being the age of “get out of the house” it’s now 30 or 35. God, I couldn’t imagine living with my parents until 30, but that’s another story.

So what’s the deal about going insane? Seems like just about everyone anymore is, and you’d like to join the party. “Ignorance is bliss,” I always say.

I’m sure there are many ways to accomplish insanity. Watch Fox news for 24 hours non-stop is a good method. The most popular method lately is trying to figure out Trump’s foreign policy, or tariffs, or lawyers, or pretty much anything he says, obviously a multiple choice option. But that delves into politics and I don’t like talking politics. Plus it doesn’t cost any money … unless you’re trying to buy health insurance that has mysteriously quadrupled since last year.

But … my favorite method for achieving total insanity is to try and make any money off the internet. Had Edgar Rice Burroughs dropped Tarzan in a jungle as hostile as the internet … it would have been Chi-ta and Jane only.

What am I talking about? Well, to begin with, in case you didn’t know, Tarzan was the creation of author Edgar Rice Burroughs and grew up in the jungles of Africa. Tough little sucker who yelled a lot scaring the hell out of everyone. But my comparison is the internet business arena, which reminds me so much of the gladiators of Rome scrapping it out, some winning … some not so lucky.

I’m wandering, a sure sign of insanity or dementia, I forget which…. sorry. I’ll try and stay on track.

I’m an old man. No sense arguing it … I’m old. Thank God I can still control my bladder, which according to TV commercials most people my age have to wear diapers, but can still dance in a chorus line. (Who thinks of this shit?) I can’t work an 8 hour shift anymore. Can’t really work a 4 hour part-time shift anymore. But … I am skillful enough to sit on my butt for 8 hours a day and pound on computer keys.

I’d make money off the internet! Bet nobody else has even thought about that. Well, I was kinda wrong about that, a few people had already thought about that, a few billion people actually. But, I was undeterred. If a billion people can get rich on the internet, there has to be room for one more and I knew the ideal candidate. ME!

It began with Facebook. Seems everything begins with Facebook. I wanted to create a Business Page that I could advertise affiliate products on and make a lot of money off commissions. Seems simple enough, but Facebook wouldn’t let me create a business page unless I had a Personal page.

I’m not the type to air my dirty laundry or want everyone to know and see everything I do on a daily basis. That sort of sounds like a police state to me, but then again Trump is president, but not being Latino or Black, I figured I was safe and succumbed creating a personal page. Big mistake.

Do you know if you make a mistake on Facebook you can’t erase it and start all over? At least there wasn’t a method I could find. Not being an expert, I am prone to make mistakes when dealing with technology. So to make a long tragic story short … after 4 additional personal Facebook pages, I now have 5, I finally got my business page up and running. Little did I know that would be the next nightmare I would encounter.


Old into New Ways

I was finally on my way to making a fortune on the internet. I spotted a spiffy little gadget on Click-bank, a small knife that looked like a credit card you could carry in your wallet. Nothing deadly, something for cutting string or slicing the tape in order to open a package, but extremely handy little critter.

I had to pay to advertise of course, which I understood. What I didn’t understand was how the advertising gig works on Facebook. Long story short again… I signed up for like $250 worth of advertising over a month. I was abhorred. I’m here to make money … not spend it. “Chill,” I told myself. Takes money to make money, it’ll turn out good and the next day I thought it had. I checked my Click-bank account and I had made $6.24 in commissions. I know, big deal, but you know when a saloon hangs a dollar up behind the bar with a sign “First Dollar Ever Made” That was me. On my way.

Checking my Emails I noticed an email from Facebook, which I figured was a congratulation for making my first sale or something like that. Not even close. It was an email telling me I had violated their rules and I could no longer advertise on my Facebook business page. Now bear in mind … Facebook has to approve any advertising before it’ll send it out. So if they approved it why was it a violation of their rules? And what rules? They don’t say. You can appeal their decision, which I did. Didn’t take them too long to tell me where to stick my appeal. Still no answer on what I did wrong.

Then possibly the worse Catch 22 I have ever been trapped in. I had $250 tied up for advertising the business page, but wasn’t allowed to advertise because I’d broken the rules. $250 disappeared into the abyss. Technically they didn’t steal it, the money’s still there, but I can’t spend it or retrieve it.

Facebook can help steal the 2016 Presidential election, but can’t refund my $250 or tell me what I supposedly did wrong.

shelter    Amazing New Methods

Strait Jacket Time

Had I been half as smart as I thought I was or had not mistaken stupidity for determination I would have stopped right then and there. I was out $250, but in my younger days I was known to occasionally over indulge and spend $250 in one night at a bar. But noooooo.

Next step … build a website. The hell with Facebook, I’d build a website and sell affiliate products from there. That ain’t easy either when you have little to no knowledge of what to do. (Let that be a clue maybe you ought to stop)

Seems Word Press is the hosting platform most everyone uses now to make a blog or a website. What’s the difference? I have absolutely no idea. So I plop down $100 for a Word Press whatever, template, site, tools, I’m not sure exactly what all is included.

There is one major difference between my attempt at Facebook and Word Press… I got smart, I hired some help, a freelancer from Upwork, Fiverr has them too. For a $100 this guy would set up my web-page. The money hurt, but the aggravation was worse.

Then he emails me and says he can’t do what I need because I didn’t buy the plug-ins. What in the hell is a plug-in? It’s an additional $200 to Word-Press is what it is. This little square dance of buying additional products and hiring additional freelancers continued for @ $1200. I assure you a $1200 table dance would have been a lot more pleasurable and productive.

Moral of the Story

If I were typing this on an old fashion typewriter the paper would be speckled from tear drops, because as I read what I’ve put myself through I want to cry. Not only the money wasted, but the extreme torture of trying to make something work when you have no idea what you’re doing.

I finally cracked when Word-Press strongly advised me to create a business Facebook page and advertise on it. I’d completed a full circle in hell.

My advise: Do not try to make money off the internet unless you are tech savvy and have an idea what you’re doing.

One thing you can count one … repeat what I did and I’ll guarantee you’ll go insane. How can I make that claim?

Simple. I’m continuing to do the same thing and am expecting different results. Ain’t that the definition of insanity?

Give us a Like on Facebook. (I can’t believe I just wrote that)

Las Vegas Nightmare

Remember when you and your best friend opened your first lemonade stand, or mowed the neighbor’s yard? Your first business venture and you both readily agreed to split the profits 50-50. Expenses weren’t part of the equation because Mom made the lemonade and you used Dad’s mower and gas.

Then you and your dad struck a deal on buying your first car, $150 Dodge … $75 each … 50-50. You didn’t realize you got screwed into paying for the insurance which was $160. More than the car was worth!

The question is … What happened to 50-50? The good old right down the middle, nobody wins … nobody loses. Fair to everybody. Those days seemed to have disappeared along with Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century. Webster’s dictionary is constantly adding new words, such as air-ball, binge-watch, conlang, new words that reflect our changing society and culture. Ask a 16th century Puritan what a conlang is and you’ll end up burning at the stake. Change is inevitable and I’ll go way out on a limb and say for the most part good. But… when we change we run the risk of leaving behind good things.

If Webster adds words to reflect our changing society, it should also seriously consider deleting words which no longer apply. A word like Sanity.

The recent Las Vegas massacre is a prime example of the absence of sanity. I could pound the issue home by listing other shooting incidents, but the victims and their families have suffered enough without a constant reminder. But all were void of one word … sanity.

The confusion and pure terror the victims and survivors experienced is inconceivable! A soldier in combat experiences terror, but they know who is trying to kill them and why, and God willing they’ll use their weapon to eradicate the threat. These people had no clue who, what or where. Just people falling disgustingly deformed by the impact of a bullet, blood spewing and pooling on the ground. No. No sanity there.

So when am I going to begin my tirade on the insanity of the shooter and the fact he’s probably Muslim? Better yet, hell let’s start a gun control debate. Those are always fun. You get pruned looking, gut protruding politicians carrying a replica toy musket, it’s not an authentic weapon because it’d be too heavy for the old fart to carry and lift over his head, strutting across a stage saying that without him your guns are gone. See. I’m already getting worked up. This is great!

No. Today I’d like to strike a somber & serious note. Let’s really attempt to leave the emotion out of it and have a quiet logical discussion. And I’ll begin by saying I don’t agree with you, but that’s okay, I’ll seriously listen.

I can not figure out how to discuss the state of our society without eluding to politics, because unfortunately it is the bell weather of our state of mind. However, notice I said Politics, not Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. We’re not talking party … we’re talking sanity.

There’s an old saying, (seems I know a lot of old sayings, hmm) “that the pendulum swings both ways,” referring to the pendulum of a grandfather clock swinging far left … then far right .. and back again. This metaphor illustrates our country’s swing from far liberal to far conservative. I’ll get the fight started right now by saying both are void of sanity.

My question is … What happened to the middle? The 50-50 lemonade stand split. Why does everything have to be 100% for me and nothing for you?

The current lack of sanity did not end with the Las Vegas shootings. It continued straight through the night and continues today. Fox news blaming CNN for the massacre. Does anyone in their right mind really give that accusation any serious thought. If you do…please seek professional help. Ratings mean more than sanity. Insanity sells better than sanity.

Please ponder a few of these questions. If you link the question to a specific incident(s) good for you, but keep the emotions in check.

Why would we run the risk of destroying an already fragile legal system by making a huge political issue out of removing the 10 Commandments from a court room? I truly believe these are God’s laws, but these laws are to be carried in a man’s heart and mind. They are not intended to be displayed like a golden calf and worshiped. Are they?

Why would a business and a union abandon a long term, excellent employee, firing him for saying “nigar rig” … yet say nothing about the black calling the white employee “Cracker.” Briefly, a white railroad conductor was asked by a black railroad engineer to see if he could fix the engine’s radio, which was the engineer’s job incidentally. The conductor replied “I’m sure I can nigar rig something for you.” The black employee took offense and the white employee, a ten year veteran with two children was promptly fired. Is this how we sow racial accord? The white guy meant no disrespect, fellow black employees chastised the black engineer, but the firing stood and the union refused to try and do anything about it. Now try and convince that guy that Black Lives Matter.

A political leader, I use the term loosely, when discussing the Las Vegas incident said there was no need to discuss gun control, that possibly the mental health industry is responsible for all the nuts running around loose. Well, he may have a good point. However, if I could, I’d ask him why he championed closing mental health institutions and throwing medically classified “Troubled Persons” out into the streets onto the unsuspecting public… claiming financial responsibility. See we don’t all have short memories.

What I’m pleading for here is a return to a little bit of sanity. I know it took awhile to go crazy .. so it’ll take awhile to regain our sanity. But we must begin to change back and now. Let’s be civil to one another. Let’s try to use logic over emotion. Let’s do what we know is right instead of what’s popular or less provocative.

I’m white and I don’t fear shaking the hand of a black man … it’s not gonna rub off on me. Same for a gay man … I’m not going to suddenly have the urge to jump into bed with him. A Latino … not gonna become a gang member.

Come on people. Maybe we need to introduce Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Lucy and Andy Griffin reruns into our schools. Teach our kids that we can disagree, yet compromise and agree on something that benefits the majority instead of the 1%. Replace the love of money with the love of fellow man. Jesus said “The poor will always be among us.” and I don’t question His words. But He didn’t say the poor could number only one or two.

God grant me sanity.”