Prepper Supplies at Costco – Part II

To continue our Prepper supplies at Costco segment, let’s look at available Prepper camping and survival equipment. To prepare for the majority of crisis events, one must assume they will be caught away from home, or must evacuate the safe confines of home. Therefore, let’s look at some equipment that will make life in the wild sustainable and as comfortable as possible.

Prepper Supplies at Costco – Sleeping Bags

  1. Klymit Traverse Hammock $150.00

  2. Coleman 2 in 1 30 degree to 70 degree sleeping bag $45.00

  3. Klymit 35 degree down sleeping bag $100.00

  4. Klymit 2 person sleeping bag $270.00

  5. Klymit zero degree sleeping/compression bag $190.00

It’s important to be able to protect yourself from the elements, whether it be cold pouring rain, blistering hot sun or heavy frigid snow. Of course each element requires a certain type of shelter, but I don’t think we have any North or South Pole visitors here, so let’s look at normal, quick set up shelters.


Prepper Supplies at Costco – Tents

  1. Coleman 6 person Instant Cabin Tent $130.00

  2. Coleman 6 person Dome Fast Pitch Dome $100.00

  3. Coleman 13’ X 13’ Instant Eave shelter $120.00

  4. Coleman 12’ X 12’ Screen Dome $150.00

  5. Apex Modular Tent $400.00

Having a tent, an avenue to at least protect you from the majority of weather elements, is a giant relief. But… has anyone ever tried sleeping on rocky or wet or buggy ground? Yeah, it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep unless you have reached the point of exhaustion, which is not good. Call it spoiled … I call it smart .. let’s look at ways to add a little comfort to our sleeping facilities.

Prepper Supplies at Costco – Air Beds & Cots

  1. Disco-Bed XL Portable Cot $250.00

  2. Klymit Double V sleeping pad with 2 pillows $120.00

  3. Klymit Insulated Static V Pad & Pillow $70.00

  4. Klymit Self Inflate Sleeping Pad & Pillow $60.00

  5. Light-speed Outdoor 3” Deluxe Sleep Pad $100.00

  6. Aero Comfort Loc Queen Size Air Mattress $150.00


Cooking Equipment

Most primitive or survival type situations will most likely have you cooking on a grill of natural material. A ring of rocks, to contain the fire, and sticks to skewer the food to be cooked. But it never hurts to look at a couple of alternative methods if the situation fits.

  1. Coleman & Triton Propane Stove $70.00

  2. Elevate Grill $200.00

I must stress these suggested Prepper Supplies at Costco are just that … suggestions and are not meant to be all-inclusive. But it gives the beginner a place to start reviewing their needs at prices that do not break the bank. Prepper supplies and equipment can quickly become very expensive and a newbie can quickly become a “kid in the candy store.”

I’ll finish with this tip. Quality Prepper equipment is one of the things, for the most part, that you get what you paid for. Don’t expect a $45.00 sleeping bag to keep you warm in zero degree environments. It won’t.