I Have a Dream – Turned Nightmare

I have a dream – turned nightmare is the only way I can describe what has happened to our beloved country the last two years. I can hear your disgust already. “Oh yeah, another bleeding heart liberal-leaning Democrat who wants our country destroyed. You want China and other countries to take all our good paying jobs, allow the drug cartels to invade from Mexico and let Canada keep trying to flood America with millions of gallons of water being shipped in over Niagara Falls.”

All I can decently say is “Really?” Let’s take a quick look at some of today’s under the radar events.

From Think Progress, Casey Michel 6/27/2018:

The backlash to the Trump administration caging immigrant children has led to store owners asking White House officials to not eat in their restaurants and to protesters publicly confronting those supporting Trump’s policies. Now, voices on the far-right are increasingly unified in their only solution to the matter: Civil War.

Far-right figures have been calling for a US breakup for quite some time, but fell mainly on deaf ears except for the very radical few. However, recent rhetoric from the past few months has escalated calls for a breakup. Historical illiterates are calling for an “amicable divorce”. How did that idea go over in 1860?

In a USA Today article, Glenn Reynolds pointed to Sarah Sanders being denied service in Virginia, Kirstjen Nielsen and Pruitt being protested in restaurants was a sign civil war was well underway.

Conspiracy site Zero Hedge recently published a piece claiming “The Modern Civil War is Being Fought Without Guns …. So Far!” The Federalist published an article from Jesse Kelly that he fantasized about scalping those he disagreed with politically, stating “The US will almost certainly see Americans die in the inevitable communists purges.”

It must be noted a well established practice, perfected by Trump, allows these lunatics to throw anything against the wall to see what sticks. “Communist purges” would apply to Trump and the far-right, not the left.

Little matter as logic and facts mean nothing. Chatter of civil war has spiked over the past few months, from Trump rallies to pro-Trump conspiracy fonts like Alex Jones.

Twitter post: “Breaking! Democrats Officially Announce Civil War Plan In America”

Congress is becoming involved in Civil War Talk! Unbelievable!

Twitter post from Steve King Republican congress person:

America is heading in the direction of another Harper’s Ferry. After that comes Fort Sumpter.”

A quick history refresher. Harper’s Ferry, was a federal armory, which anti-slave protester John Brown attacked, provoking intense debate about succession. Fort Sumpter was fired upon and captured by Southern troops which opened the civil war.

In reality this is Treasonous talk by an elected congressman. I mean what isn’t treasonous about calling for civil war between Americans?

Politico wrote “In the Trump era, the left is as aggressively confrontational as anyone can remember”

Mark Pitcavage


This is an allegation that could only be made by someone almost totally unfamiliar with the history of the far left. The far left today is, in terms of aggression & confrontation, a pale shadow of what it was like from roughly 1965-1985.

Unfamiliar, or a total fabrication of facts, which is more likely. I was alive and participated in the events of the 60s & 70s. The shooting deaths of students at Kent State, the seemingly everyday bombings of some site which represented the establishment. I could go on and on, but the right is trying to make everything the left’s fault, which the left is not faultless, but are not the aggressors. The level of domestic strife a generation ago outpaces what we’ve seen recently despite the humanitarian crisis unfolding along the US southern border.


For whatever reason or lunacy these far-right fanatics seem to think a new Civil War would unfurl exactly like the first one, except the South would win. Lyman Stone commented in the Federalist paper, that even deeply “Red States” are pock-marked with massive, liberal-leaning enclaves like Louisville, Dallas and St. Louis, that would make distinguishing traditional battle lines impossible. Additionally, the far-right is making the same assumption the Confederacy made, which was fatally flawed, the less-culturally-militaristic North would be easy to beat. In this case the militant white supremacist, neocon-Nazi, and Trump loyalists consider liberals to be easily defeated are quite wrong. Liberals, who want, in their opinion common sense gun controls, own just as many guns as any other faction.

Thankfully, any potential reprise of a civil war remains limited to the few rabid, frothing, fascistic minds of those on the far-right. As long as protests remain reasonably peaceful that’s where it will stay, even though Sanders & Trump employees may have a bit more trouble finding a friendly place for a piece of chicken or a taco. But… make no mistake about it … a civil war would be catastrophic, both economically and in loss of lives. The tens of thousands of casualties endured in the 1800s would quickly translate to millions of casualties today.

You Don’t Believe It could Happen?

I must admit I have a hard time wrapping my head around such an idea, but I’ve developed that problem in the past 2 years, as its almost a chronic issue. There’s no way that could happen! Then it does. Congress will stop that! Then it doesn’t. Think it’s just me? Check this out.

On July 3, 2018 Fox news made a big deal, and it is a big deal, about a new poll that shows Millennium Americans are less proud of being Americans than anytime in history. Republicans are 90% more proud to be Americans, thus Fox labels the college students and young adults as spoiled, entitled, welfare destined punks. Well, that may be … but those punks will outnumber you old white men, which I am one, in the very near future.

Even Fox propaganda news admitted the responses from many of the people in the poll attributed their feelings to Trump’s actions. When asked what would change her mind, one girl replied “Reverse everything Trump has done.” A broad statement as I’m sure Trump has done something good, although I fail to know what.

In any event Fox news, Republicans and Trump loyalists, I’d take heed of the direction of the wind if I were you. You are in complete control right now, but …. you can’t stop time and the future does not bode well for the 1% and the 35% that idolize the demigod Trump. Be careful of throwing stones at that dog chained to the tree … it may break free one day and exact its revenge.

I truly hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth of July holiday, but more importantly than that today is … consider what the date means. Was it intended to coward to a want a be dictator, or to stand proud as a defiant warrior against tyranny? Your answer is important! If you fail to act … next year’s fourth of July’s celebration may resemble North Korea’s and Russia’s military parade honoring your dictator leader.

Don’t think it can happen? Think again please!