Why Do I Need a Credit Card Knife?

What is a credit card knife? As the name infers this knife is small enough to fit inside your wallet exactly like a credit card, in fact it’s intended to fit in a credit card slot… thus the name “Credit Card Knife.” Not to be sexist, this knife also fits nicely into any purse or wallet, giving a female the possibly of an additional weapon for self defense as well as a miniature hardware store nestled among the make-up.

Since everyone has a general knowledge of what a knife is, let’s first say what a credit card knife is not.

It is not intended to be a personal protection weapon. I can not envision even Rambo or Crocodile Dundee pulling this blade out and appearing threatening. “But can’t the knife be used to defend myself?” Of course, but the knife is designed more for use as a utility knife, not a weapon, although it could serve as a slash and run survival weapon in the right situation.

The fantastic thing about this knife is that it goes everywhere with you without a thought. If you have your wallet, you have your knife. There was a time no man would leave home without his trusty pocket knife, but not everyone wants to carry a separate knife or add more weight to an already bulky key chain. This is what’s amazing about this knife, it folds down to the size of a credit card.

It’s a useful, high quality and convenient item that’s always with you. Ultra-Light and ultra thin, at @ 13 grams, (.106 ounces) the 3 inch surgical steel blade is razor sharp and is easily and safely maneuverable with the durable handle.

Always have a knife ready:

Remember your Boy Scout motto: Always be prepared. Thanks to this knife you are one step closer to perpetual preparedness. The locking devise prevents accidental cutting while ensuring the knife remains closed.

Not a pain in the butt: Literally

The folded knife is less than an 1/8 of an inch thick. There is no other pocket knife designed for similar purposes that is not 8 to 10 times thicker and heavier. You won’t remember having it until you need it.

Why would I want such a small knife?

Do you have a utility knife in your tool box? If it’s a well stocked tool box you may have 2 or 3. The thousands of things you’d use the utility knife for, but you don’t have your toolbox with you, you’d use the credit card knife for.

Cut that loose thread from your suit instead of pulling and making the situation worse by unraveling it. Cut that tougher than iron plastic casing your vending machine sandwich is entombed in, or the price tags from the new sweater. Just because you’re not on the job site or in the garage doesn’t mean you don’t need a knife.

It actually gets better:

It’s hard to argue the many benefits a credit card knife offers, but as the old saying goes “Nothing is free.” The quality, the unique design, the ability it allows you to have a knife with you at all times should be expensive. But it’s not! For no more than a normal good quality utility knife you can own this unique tool.

Think about it. How many times have you used your teeth to tear something open, more than likely ripping the chip bag to shreds spilling chips everywhere. By the way this seems to only happen at the most embarrassing times. Protect your image, use the proper tool, a credit card knife. You may look like James Bond.



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