Prepper Supplies at Costco

Prepper supplies at Costco sounds like the beginning of an advertising commercial, an immediate turn off for me. However, sometimes people who are somewhat familiar with the Prepping lifestyle, forget what it was like when they first began. Where do I start? What should I concentrate on first? I’ve a limited budget so where do I buy the least expensive items. On and on.

This is not an endorsement of Costco, as we’ll explore other venues that offer essentially the same products, but Costco is a very familiar name and located over a vast area of the country. Therefore, I decided to begin our series of where to obtain “Prepper and Survivalist” supplies at wholesale prices at a large wholesale outlet. Let’s start our Prepper supplies at Costco with food.

*** I have listed prices at the time this article was written and there is no guarantee the prices won’t change, but it’s a guideline of estimated costs.

30 day supply

Bulk Food Supplies:

  1. Mountain House 12 servings turkey dinners $47.00

  2. 6 pack of P&B powdered peanut butter $47.00

  3. 60 servings of Mountain House dried breakfast skillet $160.00

  4. Mountain House Lasagna 60 servings $150.00

  5. Chef’s Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Bucket 180 servings $90.00

  6. 320 servings of freeze dried variety vegetable bucket $110.00

  7. 72 hour survival food kit $100.00

  8. Mountain House 4 day supply 28 servings $70.00

  9. Emergency Food Ark Month supply of 390 servings $115.00

  10. Mountain House Freeze Dried chicken stew 60 servings $145.00

  11. Mountain House freeze dried beef Stroganoff 60 servings $ 130.00

  12. Easy Prep cook in bag instant entree 236 servings $190.00

  13. Mountain House 30 day outdoor adventure meal 204 servings $ 480.00

  14. Glory Bee Clover Blossom Honey 40 lb $127.00


236 servings

This finishes our first article on Prepper supplies at Costco concerning food. I have decided to write several small articles concentrating on only one or two items in the event somebody would want to build their cache in small steps and I thought this would be the best and not so overwhelming. Until next time.

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