Emergency Disaster Preparedness

If you clicked on this site expecting to read another article on emergency disaster preparedness, either to explore the topic for the first time, or to see if this article contained something a little different from the twenty other websites you’ve visited, you might want to reconsider and click off or better yet, click to another article on this blog. Why? Because this article is going to be dedicated to thinking outside the box, addressing real and dangerous potential threats, but of the type we rarely think of, that is, until it’s too late. Let’s take a look at issues that will arise when the SHTF but we rarely consider in making our emergency disaster preparedness plans.

Law Enforcement Matters

Face it, we all hate a cop when we see flashing red lights in our rear view mirror. Doesn’t matter that I know I was going 20 mph over the posted limit, I’m still mad the cop is stopping me. However, when we are exposed to danger or require help? Yep … call a cop. All of a sudden he/she’s our best friend. “Where’s a cop when you need them?” is the famous battle cry of disgruntled spectators of a crime.

Ever consider that when an extreme SHTF scenario happens there will most likely be no law enforcement. I realize we are accustomed to seeing police and first respondents on the job during terrible natural disasters. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, doesn’t matter, these brave men and women run into danger to help us. But …. while they are helping us, someone is helping their family stay safe.

However, if a violent resurrection of some type were to occur, do you honestly think they will ignore the danger their families are in and respond to us instead? Would you? I wouldn’t. There is the first issue of emergency disaster plans. You will be on your own. You alone will be responsible for protecting your family. Plan accordingly. Do you have an escape plan? Do you have weapons? Does every family member know how to operate the weapons?

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No Law Enforcement to Fake Law Enforcement

Why do geniuses dedicate their lives to hacking computer systems and creating chaos and identity thief of average people instead of finding a cure for cancer? I don’t know either, but seems anytime there’s a void in security people will take advantage of it for personal gains, and in creative ways. When the SHTF I guarantee some people will begin impersonating law enforcement officials, both civilian and military, and will begin preying on innocent people.

You will be faced with a dilemma nobody in this country has ever incurred. How do you handle a possible Fake Law Official? Think about it. To ignore or openly defy the orders of the police goes against everything we have been taught and take for granted as the proper thing to do. The police are there to protect us … why would we defy them? Because they may not be the police!

There is no one size fits all answer to this situation, but I have a few suggestions. In a SHTF scenario real law enforcement will not interfere with your actions, as long as they are legal. They won’t knock on your door and ask to enter to inspect the house to make sure you are alright. They won’t single you out and ask to inspect your car or belongings. The won’t brandish their weapons or insinuate something bad happening if you don’t obey their directions. Real police, if there are any performing their job, will be overwhelmed with catching bad guys and stopping looting, not harassing law-abiding citizens. Don’t feel comfortable with the situation … resist. Try to avoid people all together if possible.

Disarming You

You have taken the first two issues seriously and have obtained weapons, trained your family on how to use them and are prepared to defend your families lives. But … what do you do when law enforcement tries to confiscate your weapons? We live in the land of the free, that can’t happen! No? It already has. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans police superintendent, Eddie Compass, took it upon himself to order all law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Marshal’s office and the National Guard to seize all civilian firearms. Not just handguns, which they may claim looters were using against the civilian population, but all firearms including weapons used for hunting.


Without warrants or just cause, armed National Guard troops and New Orleans law enforcement tracked down owners of legally registered firearms and forcibly confiscated over 1000 of them from law-abiding citizens. The fact this happened and the fact this action was squelched from public awareness is a clear signal of what the government will do when a SHTF scenario happens. They will be coming for your guns.

Again, you are forced to face a unique situation. They have the records you bought the firearm and are intent on taking it away. What do you do? As a disclaimer, I’m not a lawyer and I’m not giving legal advise or encouraging you to commit a crime or circumvent the law. I’m telling what my friends did. They bought their firearms from gun shows, individuals or other methods which did not leave a paper trail. Their intentions were to secure firearms for hunting and personal protection with no illegal intentions.

Personal Safety Concerns

I’d venture to say there is never a day that goes by when a killing, rape or robbery is not committed in every medium to large size city in America, and those daily events are filtering down to smaller cities. Gangs motivated by drug money, power and the overwhelming of law enforcement resources are already wreaking havoc on society, but when the SHTF they will be joined by raiders emboldened by the lack of law enforcement. This is another reason for emergency disaster preparedness,

Very few people are capable of fending and surviving on their own. Once their safety net is destroyed, empty grocery stores, no gasoline, how to cope with adverse weather, etc, they will become desperate and totally unpredictable. Stressful and dire circumstances can transform that mild mannered insurance salesman into a raving and dangerous maniac intent on stealing your supplies and indifferent to killing you in the process. You must quickly come to terms that the world is suddenly upside down and everyone is suspect of representing a danger.

It is my suggestion, you not only obtain firearms, and learn how to use them, but explore other defense mechanisms as well. There’s no guarantee you’ll be armed when confronted by a dangerous situation, therefore learn to fight without a weapon. Martial Arts classes are great, but you’re not trying to earn a black-belt, you’re trying to survive. Take a self-defense class, include your family members, geared to quickly and effectively disabling an attacker. There are classes which teach how to turn normal items, such as car keys, into a lethal weapon. These classes, if they are a good one, will not only prepare your body for self-defense, but your mindset as well.


This problem more than likely never crossed your mind or anyone else unless they’ve been subjected to the issue. In a long term crisis situation, where normal sanitation activities are absent for months, dangers will present themselves that may seem far fetched, but are a dire inevitability. Such a danger is exposure to unsanitary environmental conditions. We’re not talking a dirty car or unkempt lawn, we’re talking about being inundated with garbage. Garbage is a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, and parasitic germs which will kill far more people than all the gangs combined. Don’t believe it? Here’s a small sampling of known diseases caused directly from unsanitary conditions created by garbage.


  • *Food Poisoning
  • *Gastroenteritis
  • *Diarrhea
  • *Hepatitis A
  • *Colds & Flu
  • *Scabies Infections
  • *Hookworm Infections
  • *Roundworm Infections
  • *Murray Valley Encephalitis
  • *Ross River Virus

I could have posted a list compiled and issued by the CDC, but besides the listings numbering in the hundreds, I think you have the general idea. Uncollected garbage attracts unwanted critters, mice, rats, cockroaches and flies, which transmit deadly diseases directly to us.

In order to minimize this threat I suggest the following. Stock up on every sanitary item you can thing of, for example: Toilet Paper, Feminine hygiene products,Tooth Brush, tooth paste and dental floss, Bleach, Lots & lots of trash bags, check out other articles for a more complete list.

There’s not much you can do about your neighbor’s actions or inaction’s, but you can do everything possible to make your home unattractive to the germ bearing varmints. Dispose of all trash as soon as possible. don’t let it collect and pile up because it’ll quickly get out of control. It may be an unpleasant task, but allow pests to start breeding and the sight and stench will make it a nearly impossible task. Bury or burn as much of the trash as possible. If that’s not possible store it as far away from the house as possible. Keep it in large plastic trash bags restricting access to flies and gnats.

Preparing Mentally and Physically

He/She is mentally tough,” How many times have you heard that expression when discussing athletes, critically ill people, anyone who overcame a trying situation? Well, it’s a fact, the mental attitude of a person plays a huge part in whether someone survives a crisis situation. Maintaining a positive mental attitude during a survival situation allows a person to handle stress better, control emotions so they don’t override logical thinking and helps a person resist succumbing to fear. Again, another reason for emergency disaster preparedness. So how do you become mentally tough?


New Ham Radio

Being prepared is the best method of achieving mental toughness. No different than storing survival items for anticipated situations, you should mentally be preparing yourself for the possibility of encountering unthinkable situations. What am I going to do if someone attempts to injure me or a family member? Don’t wait until the situation presents itself, then try and decide what to do. Decide now. I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself and family even if it means taking another persons life.

What if I’m starving? I will not let hunger stop me from rational thinking. I will not attempt to go to the grocery store when I know roving gangs will more than likely kill me before I can get there or back.

What if I’m seriously injured? I will not lose the will to survive although the pain is excruciating. I will make it through this.

Repeat these scenarios in your mind over and over. Program your mind like you would a computer, to react instinctively and quickly to a certain situation. While you’re repeating these scenarios in your mind, do it while exercising. A body incapable of performing the instructions the brain sends it totally voids everything. You don’t have to become an Olympic athlete or a muscle bound freak, but be strong enough and flexible enough to perform physical tasks which you may be required to do.

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In any type of survival situation, much alone a SHTF one, knowing what is going on around you is critical. Accurate information of the situation, has law and order been restored, is an enemy moving my way, is disease spreading, all types of information is critical in order for you to make intelligent decisions of how to proceed. But when the power lines go down, telecommunication towers are destroyed and the media stops broadcasting, what do you do? If there is only one form of communication still functioning it will be Ham Radio. Having a Multi-band Ham Radio will offer you an avenue for collecting information, not only from your immediate location, but world wide. Knowledge is power as the saying goes and in this situation knowledge could save your life.

Emergency Disaster Preparedness comes in all sizes and shapes. I hope I have shed some light on some issues that may not get the attention it may require and provoked you to consider other outside the box situations.


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