When the Impossible Happens

I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent person, having graduated from schools of higher education, which was a breeze compared to the school of hard knocks, which apparently you can not graduate. I operate under a set of moral codes, which I consider as high, and foolishly as it turns out, think everyone else abides by the same code.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I am revealing things here I probably shouldn’t, but it’s the only method I can think of, pertaining to my life, which may drive home the seriousness of my point. I’ll try to mask names and organizations as well as possible, but won’t guarantee anything.

I was a long term Union Official for a large and established labor union. My entire family, both grandfathers and my father, were union officials for the same organization, representing employees of different companies. And No, these were not patronage positions, we were all duly elected by the rank and file membership, repeatedly I might add. (We were actually an employee of the company, just elected to union positions)

I had a sworn duty, both legally and ethically to the rank & file membership, and I gave 110% effort in attempting to fulfill that duty. Here is where the naive or stupid bug bit me. While I was concentrating on battling management for better wages & benefits, my fellow Union officials were concentrating on politics and self enrichment. I was totally unprepared when human resources called me into the office and fired me for some trumped up charges. The Union brothers who were in the room supposedly to represent and fight for me, wouldn’t look me in the face.

Now of course there’s a long entangled story of lies and deceit behind this eventual conclusion, but the bottom line was my family, I was the sole bread winner, and myself were sacrificed for in order for certain people to advance politically and gain monetary. It didn’t bother these people a bit to know they were quite possibly destroying peoples’ lives forever. How could any human being be this selfish, self centered and cruel?

Now you may be wondering why did I bore you with such a story? Because I want to demonstrate that by being naive I allowed these people to do something unthinkable against my family for personal gain… a strict violation of my personal code of conduct. Know what? People don’t follow or care about your morals or code, they are only concerned about their own wishes or needs and will do anything they can, regardless of the amount of pain inflicted to others, to gain what they want.


Thrown into a crisis survival situation, where a loaf of bread becomes a treasure, you and your family will die if you are not prepared to take vicious actions to protect yourself against looters and bandits. So if you’re the timid and mild mannered type, wouldn’t kill a bug because everything has a right to live, you’d better toughen up immediately if you want to survive. If you can’t do that … prepare to watch your family die, before they torture and kill you.

Using a rifle, pistol or any other weapon than allows long distance confrontation is entirely different than face to face combat. As a rule of thumb the odds of encountering a hand to hand conflict is much greater than firearm conflict, plus that’s a whole different set of skills, therefore we’re going to concentrate on physical combat.

The Beginning:

The term “Violence of Action” means the unrestricted use of speed, strength, surprise and aggression in order to achieve total and complete dominance over your enemy. Meaning? Any fighting technique is useless unless you are totally committed to violence of action. Your instincts, situational awareness and gut feeling have told you that your family and/or yourself are in mortal danger. You don’t know the other person’s true intentions or code of conduct and it doesn’t matter. Hit first and hit hard. There is no such thing as a fair fight … there is only winning (losing). Is it not your right to survive … not to be killed or harmed by that other person. Of course you do.

Survival-related fighting has its own set of priorities …

Protect Your Face, sight is essential to fighting, tracking and avoiding the enemy.

Keep moving and that requires you to stay on your feet.

If you’re going to hit … hit as hard as you can.

Be prepared to run away if the opening presents itself.

Let’s Get Vicious and Live


If I were to only learn 1 self-protection technique it would be Eye-Gouging. It is not only the safest and easiest technique to implement, it’s the most effective and immediate. Instead of punching with a closed fist, a natural reaction from childhood conflicts, spread your fingers and jab as quickly as possible at your enemy’s eyes. If you miss a direct hit, but graze the eye, their instincts will automatically kick in and they will back away. This will give you the opportunity to launch another attack, go for the ears, rip the ear off, grab the enemy’s hand and break fingers or run away if that’s a plausible option. Damaging someones eye(s) is the most effective and efficient method of permanently disabling an enemy without actually killing him.

You can practice this technique by standing in front of a mirror, hands at your sides non-threatening, and jab your fingers at the reflection of your eyes in the mirror. Practice accuracy, then speed and accuracy. You will probably only get one chance, do squander it. I realize very few people will remember the Three Stooges, a comedy series of the 1940’s, but for those that do, Moe was an expert at poking Curly and Larry’s eyes.

Fair Fight … ain’t no such thing.

It takes a whole lot of force, and the majority of people do not have the strength to create such force, to knock actually somebody out, rendering them unconscious. And unless you knock the opponent out by hitting him in the face with your fist, you have quite possibly only made your situation worse. Now he’s really pissed.

What’s better? Attack the ears.

Believe it or not, it takes about 10 Lbs. of pressure to rip an ear off the skull, and that’s not a lot, and a light slap on the ear(s) will effectively shock the opponent. If the enemy is close enough to punch in the face, they are close enough to grab/slap/hit their ears, and the difference of impact is huge. Slapping the ears is extremely uncomfortable for the assailant and will disorient, forcing him to refocus, while possibly completely knocking him to the ground.


Nasty and It Hurts

Now it’s Really Life or Death

The enemy is a mountain of a man, twice your size and strength, but you have the skills to defend yourself. You have poked his eyes, temporary blinding him, but you weren’t able to escape because his huge mass blocked the doorway. No where to run. You quickly followed up with a slap the side of his head catching his ears with cupped hands, which staggered him, knocking him off balance and disorienting him, but he still blocked the escape route. You’ve run out of options and he will kill you.

It’s time to attack the throat. The throat is extremely fragile and vulnerable to attack, notice how boxers will attempt to protect the throat by keeping their chin down. No different situation than the ears, if you are close enough to punch him in the face, you can punch to the throat, always aiming for the front of throat/windpipe.

Depending on the situation, your mental state, and/or degree of danger, you may want this to be your first or last counter-measure to utilize. Should you land a powerful strike directly to the windpipe, in all likely hood you will crush it, which will result in the person’s death, unless immediate medical attention is received. I mention that only because I feel you need to know the possible ramifications of such a strike. However, do not let this fact keep you from using this technique, as it’s you or him at this point. Also keep in mind you don’t have to only punch the throat; you can step on it, kick it, knee it, bite it, whatever it takes to save your life, it is extremely fragile.


Throat Punch

Return to Your Childhood

If you stop and think real hard, or if you’re getting a little senile like me, watch a playground of toddlers or very young children playing, and notice what happens if a disagreement breaks out. I guarantee you someone will get bit. It’s a God given natural weapon. Using biting as a self defense technique is brutal and will immediately instill fear and shock into the opponent. Obviously you will be grappling or on the ground in close quarter combat, a note here, you want to avoid being knocked off your feet if possible as it limits your options of fight techniques and worse yet, may give your opponent a significant advantage if you are over matched size or strength wise. Use biting to your advantage to disengage before going to the ground.

Ideally attempt to bite the enemies’ face/neck area, inside of elbows, nipples (very painful) or fingers. Remember Mike Tyson, one can easily rip flesh out of an opponent which will send terror and absolute panic through them.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

Fingers are the easiest bone in the human body to break or dislocate and can be done with minimum force. For some reason humans, untrained, are inherently reluctant to use all our strength when bending someones finger around. However, you are in a fight for your life and you’ll want to use maximum force, in shortest period of time, to cause the maximum level of damage and pain. If you can get hold of a finger, or two, bend the finger(s) backwards as forcefully and quickly as humanly possible. By breaking an enemies finger(s) you will effectively prevent them from using that hand for anything. You now have the advantage of fighting a one arm man, allowing you to follow up with an attack to the ears, or any other violent attack you choose, or to run away. Bottom line … you will survive.


Ear Slap

To Sum it Up

You may think I have been a little melodramatic or possibly crude with my repeated use of “life or death” “survival crisis” and whatever, but believe me, what man is capable of doing to another person never ceases to amaze in the brutality and question of “why.” These self defense techniques are incredibly brutal, however, also incredibly effective.

When survival of yourself and/or your family is on the line anything goes. You are probably shaking your head thinking “yeah, yeah, yeah. How dumb. Of course I’ll protect my family with everything I’ve got.” If you are reading this you are most likely, I hope, a civilized person, but being civilized means being programmed to react in certain ways to certain situations. Unless you are a combat soldier, I doubt you get up every morning and think about killing someone who may try to kill you. Additionally, it’s natural reaction for the mind to hesitate (analyze) when faced with a situation that has never presented itself before, (anyone try to kill you lately?)

You must right this minute … eliminate that split second of hesitation or indecision which could cost you and/or your families lives. YOU MUST RE-PROGRAM YOUR MIND AND COMMIT TO BRUTALLY DAMAGE OR KILL THE ENEMY.

Become a wolverine, revert to your basic animal instincts and fight with the Ferocity Of A Cornered Beast.


You Need to be Better Than Him


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