Time Machine

The United States is currently in great peril and is on the verge of being defeated and run by Russia. We have a traitor in the White House, greed has bought and sold the Republican controlled congress, and everyone seems to be spell bound by this lying con man. Perhaps the issue of a Cyber attack is just beyond our comprehension. It is mine. I’m quite computer illiterate, as I believe a large majority of trump supporters are, so instead of explaining the intricacies of computer war, let’s take a different view of what’s going on in America today. Let’s compare apples to apples so we Cyber challenged Americans may better understand. For that let’s jump into a time machine and venture back in history, but maintain some of the characters who are currently ruining America.

December 7th 1942 the United States is attacked by a foreign power, Japan. Their intent was to strike a knock out blow to America by destroying its Navy. They knew the American people were split over the war in Europe, therefore if they annihilated America’s Navy power in the Pacific, public discourse would result in America surrendering, or at least reaching a favorable peace agreement with Japan.

December 8th 1942 President Trump addresses congress.

December 7th 1942 will go down as the day the biggest misunderstanding the world has ever witnessed happened. The navy of the Japanese empire, while undertaking naval practice maneuvers, may have accidentally hit several United States naval vessels stationed in Hawaii. It must be said Japan is not admitting it was their aircraft involved, only that they were in the area practicing. We must tread lightly before wrongly accusing someone of intentional attacks on the United States.”

The Republican congress stands and applauds the President for seven minutes, while the horrible Democrats sit on their hands.

In fact,” begins President Trump “The attack could have come from a rogue nation we know nothing about, or pirates … it could have been Japan, but it could have been a lot of other countries.”

January 2nd 1943 President Trump delivers a fireside radio chat to the American people.

I know some people are stupidly screaming for us to declare war on Japan, but I won’t do that because we’re not sure they attacked Hawaii. Sure they attacked the Philippines, but the Philippines is not an American colony or friend, no more than Puerto Rico is. What do we care what happens to them? Give them some paper towels and tell them to toughen up.”

February 1st 1943 at a news conference.

President Trump, why haven’t we sent any troops to Europe to help the United Kingdom? I mean Germany has declared war on us haven’t they?”

Who asked that question?”

Me sir, Walter Cronkite CNN news.”

Fake news!” Trump spits. “Someone else.”

Same question Sir.” Anderwrx Zuzinski Russian News.

Well, as you know our military is not prepared for war. They don’t have the equipment or the training to go to war yet. This military mess was created when Hoover was in office. You can’t blame me, although I ignored the clouds of war and the facts for the last 2 years. It was Hoover. Hoover did this.”

A secret closed door meeting of a select number of Republican Senators and Congressmen.

Mitch McConnell Republican majority leader starts the meeting. “We have a problem that we must address. Some news media are insinuating President Trump is somehow in cahoots with Japan, Germany or both because he refuses to acknowledge the world is at war.”

What can be so important you took me away from my workout,” asked Ryan arguably. “You know I’m jumping ship. F**K you rats. I’ve got a million dollar lobbying job waiting for me.”

Listen, Trump has agreed to give us huge pay increases, increase our medical benefits while destroying it for others and giving us Supreme Court Justices of our choosing so we can become essentially a dictatorship. Don’t like what did. Sue us and take it to the Supreme court.” The entire room erupts in laughter and back slapping.

But,” Mitchell continues “In order to do that we have to keep the damn Democrats, the people and especially the news media, except Fox news, from exposing him. I’m open to suggestions.”

Devin Nunes waves his hand in the air. “Sir, I can run interference for President Trump. Between me, my House Republican cronies and Fox news I can make Trump look like a knight in shining armor.”

Latest report in the Japan involvement investigation:

The Special Prosecutor and the Justice Department has issued charges against 12 Japanese military officials including Admiral Yamamoto and Toto accusing them of intentionally planning and executing an air raid against the United States Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor. Photos of Japanese aircraft were identified by ID numbers and the Japanese fleet was observed launching and recovering these aircraft.

President Trump in Europe instigating a fight and discord among the allies.

Well, Toto has denied bombing Hawaii before, but … to shut you damn news people up, I’ll ask him again if he did it. Although I already know the answer.”

President Trump! Why meet with Toto at all with these revelations?”

I’ll tell you what,” spat Trump, “You are the enemy of the people! I think it’d be great if we can be friends with Japan.”

But what about the attacks?”

The investigation that says Japan was involved is rigged and a total witch hunt. A real shame. There is no evidence Toto was directly involved … if there was an attack.”

When you view today’s events through rose colored glasses of the past, what do you think?

I’m going to stop now. Why? Because it is completely crazy! Know what is very sad … this is what’s going on in America this very minute. This and a million other incredible events that undermine everything every decent American believes in.

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