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Stopping Mob Violence With Violence

It started innocent enough, just a friendly yet very competitive paint ball contest. It wasn’t a life or death defense. We were all combat veterans so spectators were enjoying watching “Professionals” at work. Then it happened. One of my partners became totally disabled as she experienced an event, flashback, episode, whatever you want to label it, she was suddenly in Iraq under fire. The only reason I relate this short story is to try and demonstrate the intense emotional and mental strain live combat can do to a person. Of course this doesn’t scratch the surface of the true reality, but it gives you a point of reference when considering violent actions, even when they are justified and unavoidable… like when you are the target of mob violence.

Fake news aside, the United States is becoming a very violent and dangerous place to live. That is not a political statement … it’s a Fact statement. If you think about it… it’s not really surprising as history has a tendency to repeat itself. Historically speaking it hasn’t been but a mere 150 years or so since armed protection of ones home, on the prairie, was as common as mowing the yard now days. As survivalist/patriots we are duty bound to know how to protect our families and property.

In order to protect our family and property, we must become mentally and emotionally prepared, as much as possible, to take another human’s life. We must also be able to prepare other family members for the same horrendous act. We must have a plan, well researched and practiced as when and if the time comes to implement action there can be no hesitation. Hesitation will cost you your life.

Strategy for Being the Target of Mob Violence

The strategy for protecting your home against a burglar and a mob are totally different, although there are a few similarities in theory. To begin with a burglar is usually one person, three at the very most. A mob, which I’ll define as any group of people who are in conjunction and are intent on physically injuring you or your property, could be 10 to 100 people.

Should a burglar break into your house you have several options, such as, capturing and holding him for the police to arrive, overpower him with a weapon or scare him away with threats, but chances are, unless cornered, when they realize they have been discovered they will flee as quickly as possible to avoid confrontation.

Should a mob attempt to breach your home, you must face the conclusion their intentions are totally and indisputably bad. Their goal is to steal your belongings, ravage and/or torture your family, and finally … kill every member of your family, possibly even savagely forcing you to watch each member die before killing you. You simply CANNOT allow a mob to gain entry to your house if you want to continue to live. Period! You must attack first. You must use overpowering and deadly force. You must inflict decisive pain and death in which to demoralize the enemy and deflate their will to continue. Sound melodramatic? This is reality. And if you can’t believe there are people who are capable of inflicting inhuman tortures on their fellow species, well, you won’t last long so save yourself some time and quit reading this now.

The actions required to stop a mob presents you with a legal dilemma. Of course if law and order no longer exist, it’s not a problem, but if it’s not the wild west yet, you have a problem that must be dealt with and that can be difficult. The law allows you to use deadly force, but only under specific circumstances. You can’t become a sniper and pick them off down the street. This gives the bad guys an unfair advantage. Unless they clearly break the rules you are legally bound to take no action, however by the time they break the rules you are most likely a dead man walking. You will be outnumbered, outgunned and if they get too close, outmaneuvered and unable to stop them from overrunning your position.

Basically speaking, you must stop them between the time they cross your property line and your front door, which in many cases, doesn’t allow you much time or space in order to get the job done. Preparing an ambush is the proper military strategy for addressing this situation. What’s an ambush? An ambush is a prepared attack, where the enemy is allowed to enter a predetermined kill zone, and is attacked by surprise using overwhelming fire power in order to inflict maximum causalities. Sounds pretty gruesome? It is intended to be. The ambush wrestles the advantage away from the enemy and transfers it to you.

Preparing Your Family Members

Speed and extreme violence are essential in launching a successful ambush. You’ll need every possible family member to be active shooters. Trying to stop a mob single-handed simply won’t be as effective than more shooters, even with an automatic weapon. Everyone must be mentally prepared and knowledgeable of how their weapon operates.

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Training with the firearms is essential. No matter how experienced, and you’ll have no experience, nerves and adrenaline skyrockets through the body making the calm careful targeting you had at the gun range, highly improbable. The more practice … the more automatic the movements of loading, aiming and shooting and that’s good. If there are members of the family who will not be shooting they should be taught to reload or serve as lookouts.

Training is not only a physical thing, as the more prepared one feels the greater the confidence an attack can be successfully repelled. Mental confidence is of the utmost importance to building a team.

Preparing Your Home

Obviously your home was not designed nor intended to be a fortress to be defended from an armed mob. Therefore, we must transform it into a formidable defensive position. With that goal in mind let’s look at some methods and strategies to accomplish this.


You want to create an area known as the “Kill Zone” or “Fire Sack” where the enemy will be the most exposed, ideally that area should be half way in between your property line and the house. This does several things. The enemy is caught in no mans land with no cover, they can’t drop to the ground without being an open target, to continue the attack is X feet ahead, to retreat is also X feet behind and they’re an open target either way. The more confusion and hesitation you can create, you’re not dealing with trained soldiers, the better for you.

Set up predetermined firing positions for each shooting family member keeping in mind to keep them spread out, never grouped in a bunch where it’s easier to suffer multiple causalities. The position must allow unrestricted access and visibility to their assigned kill zone and the maximum protection from enemy fire. If you have a two story home use the second floor windows for firing positions. It’s easier to shoot down on an enemy than it is for them to shoot upward at you. The remaining family should be shooting from the first floor window openings.

Providing protection for the firing positions is our next goal. Brick construction will stop any shotgun blasts, including slugs, and most handgun bullets, but are pretty well porous to rifle rounds. The easiest method to stop most any round of ammunition, is to use a single stack of sandbags. Here’s something to think about. If you stack sandbags along the exterior of the house you have alerted the mob you are probably prepared to defend the house. That could be good as it may deter them. However, they may return after ransacking the rest of the neighborhood, with a plan to circumvent your defenses. Think about stacking the sandbags in the interior of the house against the wall where the window (firing position) is located. You have provided the same level of protection for the 1st floor and created protection for the second floor where there had been none. You also kept your level of preparedness secret.

Use Psychological techniques to create a kill zone. People seem to be hardwired, or perhaps lazy, and will invariably take the easiest path to their destination, which in this case will most likely be your front door. Plumbers use this logic when locating a leak, water takes the path of least resistance. Knowing this human weakness we can use landscaping to funnel the mob to where we want them.



  1. Plant thorny bushes along one perimeter of the front yard. It will not appear to be for defensive reasons but will prevent or slow down anyone from flanking you from that side.

  2. Using decorative fencing along the driveway or in front of your property again will appear decorative, yet puts a barrier between the street and the house, or funnels the enemy into the kill zone as they attack the front door.

  3. Plant low growing, hip height, dense shrubbery along the front of the house which will provide a barrier they must jump or attempt to fight their way through it to reach the actual house.

  4. Re-enforce the front door. Having a strong front door and locks help, but can not withstand bludgeoning from a heavy object. Push large heavy furniture against the inside of the door, layered and stacked. This will delay entry which may afford you the time to end the threat.

  5. Use unusual landscaping to your advantage. I knew a fellow that had a coy fish pond with a small waterfall and a two foot high decorative rock wall stacked along the entire perimeter. In addition to having a beautiful water landscape he had essentially dug a moat along the entire front of his house with only the sidewalk for easy entrance.

  6. Darkness is the enemy’s ally. Installing motion sensor spotlights will help eliminate that advantage. When setting the bulb angles position them to shine directly into the approaching enemy’s face blinding them.


Blinding Light

  1. Thinking outside the box is important for defeating a wily enemy. Have an in-ground water sprinkler? Install a valve which will allow you to divert from the water supply to a flammable liquid (gasoline, kerosene). Manually start the sprinkling cycle spewing gasoline on the enemy, which you light by shooting a flare or other similar weapon, igniting your prey.

4D Thinking – Keep it Simple

The keep it simple stupid method of teaching is quite effective, especially for me, so let’s borrow this technique and memorize a 4 D theory which can add to your crisis situation comprehension. Deter, Detect, Delay, Defend

Deter the threat. Presenting a difficult target may deter an attack. Large obstacles, difficult landscaping features, fencing, well manicured,( no hiding places,) may be enough of an influence to tip the Risk-Reward balance in your favor.

Detect the threat, situational awareness, motion sensor lighting, regular spot checking of perimeter, a dog and/or anything else that may help you detect a threat asap.

Delay the threat. Added security to entry points, obstacles to overcome all add to delaying of the enemy reaching their goal, your house.

Defend against the enemy. Do not hesitate to use any and all force, including deadly, to protect your family from danger.

American Revolutionary War

We can learn a great lesson from our ancestors of the revolutionary war. The British were abhorred at the savagery and the unsportsmanlike actions of the American fighters who assigned their snipers to target British commanders. Without their commanding officers directing all movements, the well trained, yet robotic British army was not able to fight effectively. A member of the British Parliament exclaimed “The Americans did not fight fair!”


Let’s utilize the lessons of our ancestors. Identify the mob leaders, they will be doing the most talking, yelling, etc. and be the most aggressive in their actions, pushing and pointing others where to go and what to do. You’d be surprised how many of the mob is there due to peer pressure or greed, wanting some of the spoils of the raid, but wouldn’t be there on their own accord. Kill the leader(s) and the chances of the mob breaking up and running are nearly guaranteed. You may have to kill more than one leader, but without a leader the mob will scatter for safety.

Control your family. I say this because in the heat, confusion and adrenalin rush of battle it is easy to lose control of when to stop shooting. Your goal was to repel the attack, break the enemy’s will to fight on, by whatever viscous means as possible, but once they turn tail and run … stop the killing. Revenge is not a valid reason to take lives.

Occasionally as we search to expand our survivalist skills we run across a topic such as this which is quite unpleasant. Violence, especially mob violence unleashes the ugly side of humanity, but … it can happen. The events of 9-11 were impossible … yet it happened. I’m not suggesting to start fortifying your home against attack. What I am suggesting is if the unthinkable presents itself, you do have options to combat it.

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