Serious Survival Lessons

I’m not Nostradamus claiming prophecy insights, nor am I a “sky is falling” chicken little type. I’m just a normal guy who reads, listens to the national, local and world news and derives my own interpretations of what is happening, and every single night I go to bed thinking “It’s time for some serious survival lessons.”

Possibly what scares me the most is the absolute ignorance and unlimited shallow mindedness of people who fail to see and acknowledge what’s in front of their faces. The earth has never before had to sustain the number of people who are living on it, which increases daily, making the competition for limited resources forever more aggressive. More unstable countries have nuclear capabilities, information on how to construct biological and chemical weapons are available on the internet, the environment is most likely past the tipping point of maintaining long term survival of mankind, and perhaps the worse “head in the sand” moment is failing to acknowledge the United States, the most powerful country on earth, is lead by a sadistic, lying moron accompanied by an army of selfish enablers.

When viewed with a callous eye the question of could the world self destruct is mute; the question should be how can the world not self destruct.

You’re reading this on your electronic devise, laptop, computer, whatever. Now imagine the screen suddenly going black, the overhead light goes out and you notice the home’s furnace blower stopped. The house is becoming increasingly cold and darkness is enveloping the sky. You look out the window to see if the lights are on at other houses in the neighborhood and only see black holes through the windows. Eventually people begin wandering into the streets, bundled in coats and blankets, confused and starting to become scared. What has happened? Neither land lines nor cell phones are working, there’s a complete black out of communication. Someone says they heard there’s been an attack of some sort and the President launched nuclear weapons. Where are your kids? They were due home from school by now. You begin to shiver and don’t know if it’s from the wintery cold or a frigid fear seeping into you. What do you do?

If you are an experienced survivalists you will have been prepared and have the supplies and skills to implement which will make surviving the next few weeks, until the world returns to normal, relatively easy. But …. what if the world never returns to normal? That computer screen and cell phone will never light again. What if it takes a hundred years to recoup to what was modern in the 1930s? Will serious survival lessons be enough to survive?

Why be so Pessimistic?

Pessimistic or Realistic? I realize I’m just an invisible voice to you, as you can’t even be sure that I actually exist. However, let me assure you I am a real person, with a real family, including dogs, and struggle with the same problems of bills, illness and family problems everyone else does. My main objective is to get people into learning and practicing survival skills so when something cataclysmic does happen, they can better deal with and make it through unfathomable human tragedy. I prefer to prepare for the worse and hope for the best. I truly hope my fears are never realized, but if Trump has done anything with his circus of an administration, it’s he’s scared the hell out me.

Ain’t I preaching to the choir? I write a survival site, I’m talking to fellow survivalists and patriots that take the possibility of a catastrophic event, man-made or natural serious, and have taken steps to navigate their way through the aftermath. True, but Preppers are people and people have a tendency to deny that an extended calamity could last for decades. We are prepared to survive for a few weeks, maybe even a year or two, but self-preservation instinct won’t allow us to consider anything worse. Whether we love or hate the government, there’s a deep seated thought that the government or another safety net of some sort will be available when our resources exhaust themselves. What if they aren’t? Humor me if you will and let’s look at some long-term survival preparations and hope its all science-fiction and will never happen.

Training the Mind

Be Prepared. The famous Boy Scout motto that is so true and appropriate for so many life experiences. “If you can conceive it…you can accomplish it.” “If you can imagine it…you can make it happen.” there are probably a hundred sayings like this that motivation speakers like to quote, but they are on to something. The mind is a marvel, that in my opinion proves there is a God, because its ability to reason is unlimited. This is where we should begin our lesson. Learn to expect the unexpected. Mankind has never experienced the affects of a nuclear holocaust or a world wide pandemic, therefore knowing what to expect is impossible. It’s better to train our minds to accept the possibility that something so strange, weird or horrible could happen that everyone will be shocked into inaction. The ability to accept anything can happen allows us to move forward to address the issues that will arise.


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Losing the Will to Live

I often wonder how those people in Nazi concentration camps maintained the will to live engulfed inside a living nightmare. Knowing people all around you are being killed daily and you could be next at any moment, how do you continue to want to live? What if a mega SHTF episode occurs that creates an air of helpless similar to their situation? Would it not be easier to simply lie down and die. End the pain and suffering. That’s when we must find a motivator, a reason to live or else we will lose the will to live. One such motivator is your family. Your children, your spouse, your nieces and nephews, or a stranger’s’ children who has nobody left to care for them may be the inspiration you need to continue. You need to live because someone else needs for you to live.

Be Vigilant

You’re a survivalists, you have prepared for a potential disaster, but timing is everything. You have already proven you are more intuitive than the normal person by being prepared to bug out. Why would you wait to see what those people are doing before taking action on your own? Predicting the future may be impossible, but seeing a situation developing and the willingness to accept the possibility the world is headed towards deep shit in the near future, and acting on it is necessary. Watch the news, be aware of any geophysical disaster that may be prone to happen in your part of the world.

You have trained your mind to accept the unacceptable, you have a reason to live, you must not fear being wrong about taking action. Be fearful of what may happen if you don’t take action.

Have a Plan

One serious survival lesson is it’s important to have a plan and try to stick to it. How can you make a plan if you have no idea what might happen? You make a plan on what you anticipate may happen. After a disaster, no matter how prepared you think you are, your mind will be racing faster than any NASCAR vehicle. A prior-planned and written down catastrophe plan will guide you until you can recollect your wits. Besides, a plan that has to be modified is much easier to devise than having no plan at all and starting from scratch. In fact, having a plan B & C would be prudent as nothing ever goes according to plan.

Coping with Your Fears

Being totally honest with yourself, analyze your fears and weaknesses. Some people literally can not handle stress, as they will become bewildered or frozen with fear, or may become ballistic and fly off the handle. You will not know how you will react to every situation, there are too many unknowns, but the issues you know you have are better overcome by attempting to address them now. If you know you have a phobia that you fear heights, attempt to overcome that fear now instead of being faced with the situation of either scaling a 100 foot cliff or die by the flash-flood that’s roaring towards you. Human beings have an enormous capacity to overcome impossible odds in order to survive, but the sooner you face these fears the easier it’ll be to overcome.

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Beware of Your Fellow Mankind

It’s imperative you try to understand the psychology of desperate people. For most of us we have never experienced desperate people. Bad people, greedy people, selfish people, people who are just plain assholes and take pleasure in someone’s pain, but never a truly desperate person.

After the SHTF there will be an abundance of desperate people, those who have not prepared or even thought about a catastrophe occurring. These people will have nothing to survive on and nothing to lose by killing you and taking your supplies. That next door neighbor you drank beer with last week may turn up at your front door wild eyed and desperate in panic knowing you are prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary to save his family.

It’s not only other people to be concerned about. Yourself or members of your own family may be effected. There’s a term used for soldiers who experience the horrible events of war, known as The Thousand Yard Stare, where they become nearly comatose and unresponsive. Their minds have become so overwhelmed by the horrors they have witnessed, it simply shuts down unable to endure anymore. Nobody is exempt from the possibility of incurring the 1000 yard stare. Only preparation can help overcome it. Awful catastrophes often bring the best out of people, but not always, sometimes inner demons are released.

Maintaining Sanity

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is crucial to surviving and there is nothing more dangerous and depressing than spending a night sitting in total pitch black darkness. The mind will play tricks on you and your imagination will run wild in darkness, as just sitting in the woods while hunting and waiting for sunrise will have the sound of a squirrel scurrying through the leaves being a wolf or alien beast. Imagine sitting in darkness in a crisis survival situation. Unthinkable. Learn how to make candles and wicks from the fats and oils nature provides, a long term solar battery re-charger for flashlights or an LED battery powered lantern are items and skills you should obtain now.

Learn to Hide

Learning to hide is an important serious survival lesson. After a disaster the best option is to totally avoid people. Nobody will be sure of how people will react after enduring a SHTF event, and avoiding any situation that puts you in direct contact with people is a diligent decision. Learning to camouflage yourself and your habitat will be important and prudent. You don’t realize how the noise of normal activity can be magnified when the daily sounds of a busy city or town no longer exist. It’s much easier said than done to remain unseen, unheard and your odor go undetected when all the other distractions we never notice are no longer there. Like the old saying goes “discretion is the better part of valor.” Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary dangers.

Learn How to Maintain Sanitation

In third world countries lack of sanitation is a major cause of illnesses and death. Like many other things in our modern life we have grown accustomed to simply flushing the toilet and the waste is disposed of. If the water systems go down and toilets quit working, human excrement will become a huge problem and fast for people trying to survive. Even improper burying of human waste can be a source of disease. Securing portable toilets, toilet paper (lots & lots) and disinfection (bleach) should be at the top of our survival kit list.

Disposal of other types of trash is also a concern. It’s imperative to control pest and other vermin within your environment, as a little thing called the black plague nearly wiped humanity off the face of the earth. Fleas, ticks, flies, mice, rats and mosquitoes carry very deadly diseases which are transmittable to humans. People who stay in their homes are not immune to these problems as well as the stench rotting garbage produces. Burning this trash is the best option as plastic bags are no barrier for these pests.

These are obviously not the only long term subjects that you could consider. As I stated earlier, my goal is to prompt you to think outside the box and consider possibilities that events and their duration could be worse than anything we can imagine.


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