I Hate Trump

For those who can’t believe what they think they just read … I’ll say it again. I Hate Trump!

When you quit screaming and cursing this liberal leftist democratic who loves M13 gang members, welfare bums, people having health insurance instead of going silently away to die or illiterate children who are more concerned about learning where their next scrap of food comes from instead of math, I say to you … I’ll explain.

First of all the issues above, those are traditional arguments between “Left” and “Right” and other than Trump throwing in his usual ample amount of lies and distortions about the issues, really has little to do with him. He could care less about those problems unless he can use them to further his cause.

Here’s my real question to those people would have sworn blind allegiance to Trump… Assuming you do love our country … How can you love America and not Hate Trump?

Shakespeare did not have Trump in mind when he wrote the lines “Let me count the ways…” But let me count the ways and reasons I hate Trump. I apologize in advance for missing some reasons as I know I will, because I become so agitated and angry when discussing the demise of America my mind goes on tilt.

Reason 1: Trump is a compulsive liar. If you disagree on this issue you may as well turn your computer off and do something else because you are either brain dead or have transformed to a trump zombie. The lying began the day after the swearing into office, with crowd size, and has only increased in intensity and cruelty every day since.

So the guy stretches the truth a bit… We all do. True, but there’s a tad bit of difference between telling tales of catching a 25 lb. Bass instead of a 6 lb bass, and landing a 1000 lb tuna with one hand, while catching a swordfish with the other hand and spearing the great white shark who was trying to eat your 1200 lb tuna.

You may not hold lying as that bad of a character flaw, which says a lot about your character, but honesty is a real moral indicator and complete disregard for the truth is deadly when coupled with the power of the presidency. Did you ever think you’d hear “If his lips are moving … he’s lying.” be appropriately applied to the President of the United States?


We Win

Reason 2: Benedict Arnold, America’s infamous traitor, was a choir boy compared to Trump. If nothing else Arnold attempted his traitorous acts because he felt slighted and done wrong by the very country he fought so valiantly for. That doesn’t make the actions acceptable, but it brings it down to an emotion of Rejection, which we all can relate to.

Trump on the other hand went into his treasonous activities with visions of obtaining untold riches, power and ultimately becoming the first dictator of America. He planned his campaign to coincide with actions of an enemy nation, Russia, with the full knowledge and intent of stealing the election by utilizing America’s weaknesses against herself. I love America, but I’m not stupid. We have major weaknesses in our government processes, infrastructure, health care etc. etc. We are not perfect and our imperfections were invaded by a capable enemy and a willing accomplice.

While on this collusion matter. Number 1 examples of collusion are everywhere and intensify with each new indictment. Number 2, quit saying Trump was too stupid to collude with anybody. Trump is a life long criminal, and just like a criminal who spends time in prison he has learned how to cheat the system. Does he know that Canada never burned down the Capital, the British did, no. But he knows how to stiff people, threaten people and make millions from money laundering and filing bankruptcies. Don’t claim ignorance of the law. Try that next time a cop pulls you over for doing 60 in a 20. “Officer, I had no idea I was in a school zone.” Let me know how that turns out.

Reason 3: In comparison to just about every other powerful country in the world, China, England, France, India, we are an infant in our democracy experiment, a mere 200 plus years vs 1000s of years. However, in that time span no man has done more harm, in an attempt to destroy the United States system of government than Donald Trump.


Monkey See … Monkey do

Think about it. Seriously!

Has anyone attacked the free press and done more harm to our First Amendment Rights than Trump? Has any other President had the audacity to create “alternative facts” “Fake news” and call the free press the enemy of the people and democracy?

Has anyone turned the Department of Justice, America’s premier legal office into a political whore that attacks Trump’s political foes? Has anyone ever cast such suspicion and doubts on America’s legal system of upholding the law?

J. Edgar Hoover, original head of the FBI, America’s premier law enforcement agency, attempted to own the FBI, just like Trump is trying to do. The big difference was Hoover wanted complete control in order to investigate his ideas of what endangered America, communism, internal threats, etc, as well as the enforcement of normal laws. Trump wants the FBI to be his own political police force subject to investigate people Trump deems as political foes.

Simple question. Has anyone in history done more to discredit and destroy these fundamental pillars of democracy than Trump?

Reason 4: In recent history America has declared war on Germany, Italy and Japan, all Axis members or otherwise declared enemies of America that attacked us first. Obliviously there have been many armed conflicts, wars if you’re in them, but I’m talking congress issued declaration of war.

Trump has declared his war, an Economic War, on our historically staunches allies in an attempt to destroy all traditional alliances. His unprovoked tariff attacks has created a serious and deep resentment towards America. This recent G6 +1 summit is proof enough of Trump’s attempts to destroy world order.

Wait a minute.” you may scream, “he put tariffs on China.” Did he? He placed tariffs on certain China products, then removed them, at the risk of National Security, when he and Ivanka collected a huge payoff by other Chinese companies in the form of cash and property rights in China.

Europe is seriously considering cutting the United States out of the G7 for essentially the same reasons they booted Russia out. Russia annexed another country and invaded another in an attempt to reshape world order and make NATO weaker. Trump is doing the exact same thing as Russia except he’s not using bullets … yet.


Family Tree

Reason 5: Draining the swamp? Trump’s administration has created the most corrupt bunch of greedy assholes in history. One destroys the EPA and stuffs his pockets with lobbyist money. Icahn is given inside trader information which he turns into a multi-million dollar profit. Trump’s family coerces foreign governments for bribes and real estate funding, and nobody seems to care. The everglades appears to be a mud puddle in relationship to Trump’s swamp pit and they don’t even attempt to mask the crimes.

I warned you I’d forget reasons I hate Trump, but similar to him I lied. I haven’t forgotten … I can’t go on. My fingers are literally trembling with anger as I attempt to type this. But you know what’s funny? Yes, I definitely hate Trump as I totally believe he will be the ruination of the United States if not contained, but my anger for his enablers increase daily.

Could Trump do what he does if men and women of honor held him accountable? Hell no he couldn’t. But the republican party has colluded with the devil in order to salvage their power and positions. The silent politicians are disgusting, but the vocal cohorts, Nunes, Cotton, Ryan, Mitch the turtle, to name a few should all be charged with treason.

When I created this blog it was intended to provide information which people could use to survive during natural disasters. Sure there are articles on nuclear attacks and other war issues, but they were written as a last resort such thing. Like, I don’t believe this will happen but… it’s possible so I better include it. I never dreamed I’d be afraid the warfare survival tips may be more important than the natural catastrophes.

Unfortunately I doubt I’ll change any Trump voter minds on the evil devil they have elected in their attempt to send their disgust to their elected representatives. I get their anger. All the people who ran for President, Republican, Democrat, Independent, not one of them was worth a damn as far as I’m concerned. I get tired of voting for the lesser of two evils just like you. But sometimes you must man up and admit your mistake, although well intended, and correct what went wrong.

I’m thoroughly convinced republicans will never hold Trump accountable, because even in a dictatorship they will be assured of their position and wealth. A change in power in November will be America’s only chance of survival. I hate Trump and will be voting Democratic in all congressional races.

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