God Help America

This statement may sound rather crazy coming from a “Survival Guru,” … But I don’t know how the people of Puerto Rico are surviving.

To my knowledge there is no website, blog, Facebook page or any other media that details how to survive with absolutely no basic necessities of life, with over 3 million people competing for the very few scarce resources that are available.

I have no idea how I would attempt to handle the situation. How, as a parent, do you awake every morning not knowing how you are going to provide food and water for your children. We, as good parents, fret as Christmas nears, that we may not be able to buy the most popular toy that year before it sells out.

Oh, how disappointed little Johnny will be that he was the only one without the new toy.”

How about trying “Oh, how disappointed little Johnny will be he won’t be able to eat today.”

This ain’t no reality show … this is reality!

Rage would be the word of the day. I’d be enraged seeing a mountain of desperately needed supplies setting in trailers on a dock somewhere while U.S. government bureaucrats blame one another for not supplying drivers to transport the cargo to desperate citizens. “Give me the keys … I’ll drive the damn truck!” I may not know how, but I’ll get the stuff off the guarded dock to where people can access it.

I’d be enraged looking out at a Navy state of the art medical ship, with 700 highly trained medical experts waiting to treat sick and dying people, while watching my child lay in the mud with retching vomiting the result of eating spoiled food.

I’d be enraged exiting the hospital, where my 38 year old wife just died because the generator that supplied power to the life sustaining equipment ran out of fuel, and see FEMA employees milling about waiting for somebody … anybody in charge to direct them into action. Nobody seems to be in charge. “Give me authority … I know what needs to be done!”

Bewilderment may be the second word of the day. There are nearly a million, nobody really knows for sure the number, of people stranded in the wilderness areas that have had no contact to the outside world since the hurricane struck. There was a big deal made of the relatively small number of deaths incurred during the storm. Well, number one that number has increased and continually climbs every day, but politicians really have no idea how many perished in the immediate destruction. It could be hundreds of thousands!

The people isolated and cut off from the rest of the world must be bewildered. Did the hurricane destroy the entire world outside of our area? I mean … it’s been weeks with no sign of anything. They know, being American citizens, the U.S. Government is deploying every available asset, at lighting speed to rescue them. Where are they? We are dying.

Second Season of the Reality Show

The second season of this nightmarish reality show promises to be much worse than the initial drama of the hurricane destruction. How could it possibly be worse than the total devastation we are witnessing now? Because every death, every injury that becomes irreversible because it was too late to treat, will have been preventable.

It didn’t have to happen!

Children, and soon adults, are beginning to die from a water borne disease known as Leptospirosis, which is caused by drinking water that has been contaminate by animal feces. This is a 100% treatable illness. It is never fatal if treated, with known and readily available medicines. The key word here is … “Available.” Why isn’t it available? Why are people forced to drink contaminated water?

I’ll proclaim that any death from this day on October 12, 2017 … is blood on somebody’s hands.

I pose a question. “Does anyone really think had the same natural disaster occurred in the Hawaiian Islands that weeks later there would still be no electric service or potable drinking water for the people?”

No? Well, how come?

Well, obviously because there is a United States Naval base located there you may reply.

Okay, I’ll buy that. Much needed military resources available. The Atlantic Naval operations don’t have the same resources available as the Pacific fleet? Granted to mobilize the Atlantic resources and deploy to Puerto Rico may take as much as a week, but it has been far longer than a week. I hate to do it, but there is no other obvious reason for the lack of humanitarian efforts on the part of our government other than politics.

How can you say that?” You angrily snarl. “These are American citizens just like Hawaiians or somebody from Brooklyn or Lawrence Kansas.”

No they are not my friend. These American citizens can not vote. That is the difference. Without a vote they pose no threat to either political party.

I will not veer off the subject, which seems to be the MO of the current administration, misdirect and divide. NFL vs people dying in Puerto Rico.

Speaking from St. Louis, Missouri … right dead in the middle of the U.S.A .. gateway to the West ….

Please Help Our Citizens of Puerto Rico!”

By the way, since it seems to matter to some people … I’m not Latino nor am I black. I’m an elderly white male, middle class (although slipping backwards) 2 kids, a house with a white picket fence and I’m disgusted with the way things are going.

Our former military leaders could plan the invasion of Normandy. Can’t we plan the saving of Puerto Rico?


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