I have watched with curiosity the Word Press daily blog challenge and considered submitting a post, but I was somewhat reluctant for a couple of reasons. One, the quality of the writings are excellent and although I’m not in a competition with anyone, one never wants to look inadequate.

Secondly, I didn’t know if it were proper to post anything on my blog that was not related to the blog’s intended content. Here’s this solemn serious blog about green energy and surviving the nuclear holocaust and … Surprise, here’s a post about using balloons to create little dogie figures. Kinda out of character.

Being a modern day man I begin my mornings with a cup of coffee and my computer. My wife reads the newspaper, the poor soul. I start at Yahoo, then AOL, then Bing, ending with Microsoft. A complete smorgasbord of news, sports and gossip. I’m not sure why I subject myself to the pain of wanting to know what happens in America every day. A morbid curiosity, a subconscious method of inflicting pain on myself as retribution for past sins, or a daily fix of one unbelievable event after another… I’m not sure which.

But today destiny reared its head, some may say coincidence, fate or my imagination, but whatever it was it struck and struck hard. Out of curiosity I read several articles about Trump telling the widow of a recently fallen soldier “that her husband knew what he signed up for.” Insinuating she should take his death with a grain of salt … hell, she should have expected it. What’s the big deal?

Disgusted, I shut the news off and signed into my Word Press blog and there it was … the day’s word of the day Brave. Perhaps my mind was fertile ground after digesting, rephrase that, trying to digest how terribly callous and uncaring America seems to have become. Problem is … I know Americans are loving caring people. What’s the deal here? I don’t understand. So I tried to think of what the word brave meant to me and to put pen to paper with my definition of brave as it should reflect on America, but is falling short.

You had to have been living under a rock the last year to not know the political turmoil our country is embroiled in. America actually reminds me of a typical family that fights within the group, viciously at times, but immediately band together to fight an outside force. Everyone knows that the civil war pitted North against South, but very few know that during the Revolutionary war the majority of Southerners fought with Great Britain against the colonies. Why? Cotton. The south was built on cotton and Great Britain was its biggest customer and they weren’t about to alienate their source of wealth.

I give this short history lesson only to provide a backdrop to our tendency to fight one another, yet come together in common causes, WWI & WWII for instance. We’ve worked through this type of dissent before. But how did we do it?

I’ll warn you now this may sound like a political speech, but it is not. Unfortunately everything in America is classified “Politics” so its impossible to not earn that label deserved or not. Take it for what it’s worth, but this is what brave means to me.

I totally understand how America could elect a man like Donald Trump as president. It wasn’t votes for him … it was votes against something. I really do believe only weak minded, desperate or wealthy & greedy people who actually knew his true intent, actually voted for the man. Okay, here we go. To summarize the last 9 months, we have elected a compulsive liar, thief, a person bankrupted of moral values, who has alienated every traditional American ally, divided the American people intentionally and has us on the brink of a nuclear war. Which by the way may totally destroy the world and mankind. (Your money won’t save you)

How could this happen? America doesn’t have brave people representing it in government. We have weak, greedy self serving people who only care about remaining in power. They really could care less about the American people, only their clique (political party). Why do I claim this?

If we had brave people they would call out the absolute unadulterated lies that trump spews on a daily basis. They’d remove the man if the lying didn’t stop.

Brave people would spotlight the laws that are broken on a daily basis, ethical, legal, moral violations which are totally sneered at with contempt. They would remove such a man from office.

Brave people would stop the plundering of the American people’s natural resources and destruction of clean air & water. There’s nothing wrong with reviewing regulations and standards from time to time. Things change … rules may need to change. But to subject our children to dirty air and contaminated water because a black man was in power when the rules were installed is craziness and maybe just a little prejudice.

Brave people would witness the continued slaughter of innocent people and demand change. They would tell the NRA to stick their money where the sun don’t shine and pass common sense restrictions on certain weapons and people who can obtain them. What’s wrong with requiring background checks? Why should known mentally unstable people be allowed to purchase weapons of mass destruction? Why would a hunter need a weapon that can discharge a 100 rounds a minute? Do you know what a deer or moose would look like enduring 50 shots from an AR15? There would be nothing left. And if you can’t hit your quarry with 10 shots or less, you don’t need to be hunting … you need shooting classes.

Brave people would not pass laws to chain children to poverty, hunger and illness. Only despicable people would doom the least fortunate to misery while showering the wealthy with more luxuries. Many of those taking from the poor have more money than they can spend in a lifetime, while kids go hungry.

To tell you the truth I’m going to have to stop now. I get so angry … so frustrated at times. I hate labels. I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, or a conservative, my way or the highway. I’m just an American who wonders where all the Brave people have went?

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