What to Expect From Radiation Poisoning

God willing I hope you never have to worry about what to expect from radiation poisoning, but ignoring what’s happening in the world around you will not alter the fact that everyday that possibility becomes more feasible. The United States, under Trump, is the only country in the world to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement, which is intended to try and save our planet from destruction. Today we are faced with the same President threatening to void and withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, in spite of world wide commendation and coaxing to remain committed to it.

You may be inclined to question why a survival site would commit time and effort to divisive politics and exploring a subject that normally does not end well. This is about surviving … not last rites. Right?

Let me lay some facts and figures on you. A nuclear attack on the Iranian capital of Tehran using five 500 kiloton warheads would kill Seven Million people, 86% of the population, and leave 800,000 mortally wounded. Too severe? Let’s use five 250 kiloton warheads instead, and only kill 5.6 million and critically wound another 1.6 million people. These are not numbers I plucked out of the air, these are military estimates based on using software designed to calculate casualties from a nuclear detonation.

But, you are a true blue bad ass, proud to be a redneck, and figure the rag-heads had it coming to them. What’s 7 million dead Iranians matter to you? Unless you are one of those unfortunate souls that can view verified photos of dead, toothpick thin, Jews stacked like cord-wood at Nazi concentration camps and deny it happened, you don’t really mean you don’t care about 7 million innocent men, women and children dying. But if you are really that tough, consider this. What if the nuclear bombs were dropped on your city instead of Tehran? Let’s exam that possibility.

I Lived Through The Blast

It will take some time to digest what has happened. You were washing your truck when for some reason the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end. You raise and clearly see the brilliant glare and the rising mushroom cloud, but your mind will not allow you to comprehend what is happening. The mind is a wonderful and complicated piece of mastery created by God, and through a self survival mode, will not allow the full brunt of an unspeakable disaster about to happen to flood the senses.


    Relearn the Old Ways

You don’t realize it, but the detonation, known as the Atomic Bomb Dome, occurred in a city nearly 30 miles away from your location. In less than one second, the burst temperatures exceed one million degrees Celsius, igniting the surrounding air and forming a massive fireball. Eyewitnesses will later claim the fireball was 10 times brighter than the sun, and they were 5 to 10 miles away. Thousands of fires ignited from the thermal pulse, combined with the firestorm will totally incinerate the city for a 5 mile diameter from ground zero. The blast will shatter windows creating a storm of glass shrapnel from as far away as 12 miles.

You are dazed and don’t recall falling. You are soaking wet as the water hose is still working and is spraying you. Did you pass out? Did something push you over? How’d you end up laying on the sidewalk? You don’t hurt anywhere that you are aware of, but shock can delay pain, so you check yourself. Nothing. No blood. No protruding bones. Then it strikes you what had happened. You struggle to your feet and peek over the truck roof apprehensive about what you may see. There’s really no simple explanation for the carnage you see in the distance, but you realize you have survived a nuclear bomb explosion. Thank God. That is … maybe.

About 30 minutes after the explosion a heavy rain begins falling on you, so much for washing the truck. However, this “Black Rain” is not in the form of moisture, but rather contains dirt, dust, soot and highly radioactive particles that were sucked up into the air at the time of detonation. These particles were thrown miles into the air and have been transported on the wind dropping on the ground perhaps 50 miles from the bomb site, contaminating everything it comes in contact with.

Killed Tomorrow Not Today

The detonation of a nuclear bomb utilizes several methods of killing. Of course the initial blast itself vaporizes everything, the fireball incinerates anything combustible, the shock wave, which is like getting hit by a train, finishes up, sometimes turning a person’s insides to jelly while never marring their outward appearance.


What could go wrong?

You were far enough away from the blast area to be spared instant death, but you may still be a dead man walking. The chances of you being exposed to massive doses of ionizing radiation are nearly 100%. Radiation poisoning is a distinct possibility if not a certainty.

How does radiation poisoning work? We are exposed to radiation on a constant basis by the sun, through x-rays and other normally non-harmful methods. However, ionizing radiation, the type created by atom bombs, attacks the DNA, weakening and/or breaking it up, damaging cells enough to kill them or cause mutation into various forms of cancer.

According to the Radiation Protection Committee at MIT another way to view this is; the nucleus of radioactive elements undergoes decay and emits high-energy particles. If you are in the path of these moving particles they are going to interact with the cells of your body as they move through your cells and tissues. Should the radiation change the DNA molecules enough, cells can’t replicate and begin to die, which causes immediate illnesses like, nausea, swelling, and hair loss. Cells not damaged to that degree can survive, but their structure will change and their DNA will disrupt normal process and will become cancerous.

Radiation is measured in a unit called a Sievert. If you are exposed to a one sievert dose in a day, you will become sick. One to three sievert dosage in a day results in damaged bone marrow and organs, you are really sick. A dosage of 3 to 6 results in hemorrhaging
and severe infection. 6 to 10 dose and death is 90% assured, over 10 certain death. It might be noted, this is a painful, antagonizing way to die.

Half aware of what you’re doing you numbly follow your neighbors to the hospital, located 6 miles from ground zero. The carnage you find there is horrifying. People scream in anguish as they arrive with burn blisters covering 90% of the body, others lay bleeding, flesh ripped to pieces from the glass shrapnel, injuries abound, yet 80% of the medical staff has been killed and limited supplies are quickly exhausted. There is no hope or relief.

This is not the end, but rather the beginning of the suffering. Those killed in the initial explosion no longer suffer, but those left behind will endure pain and suffering for generations.

Many survivors will begin to quickly feel the results of radiation poisoning. Symptoms range from severe nausea, bleeding and loss of hair. Further symptoms include;
susceptibility to leukemia,
malignant tumors,
cleft palates,
thyroid problems,
smaller brains in future generations,
mental retardation, lower IQ,
are but a few of the main disorders people exposed to the radiation will endure. We have historical data from Japan, but it’d have to be multiplied a thousand fold as those bombs were but bottle rockets compared to today’s nuclear devises.

My approach to trying and awaken you from your spell cast by the demon con-man may be crude, but I’m literally at my wits end trying to warn people of the dangers. I’m not for 1 second pushing for a passive role towards Iran, North Korea or Russia! These nations are mortal enemies and would revel in our defeat. They must be met with firm and powerful resolve.

However, when you have a person in control of the United States nuclear arsenal, who can not read beyond a fourth grade level, refuses to listen to advise from intelligent and professional advisers and takes his cues from Fox news…. Well, you’d better put on your MAGA cap, fly the Rebel flag and prepare to meet your maker, and for some Evangelical Christians, that meeting may not turn out as well as they smugly believe.

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