What is Wrong with Guns?

What is wrong with guns? Wrong question. What is wrong with us? America is terminally ill and we have no diagnosis as how to treat the patient. The prognosis is bleak … perhaps the time has come for the American style of democracy to fade into the sunset and be replaced by something else.

What’s wrong with me?” You scream with clenched fists. “That’s treasonous talk!”

Really? Once again we throw inflammatory rhetoric that annihilates the English language, why even print a dictionary when we seem to have no intentions of adhering to the real meanings of words. We don’t want to address the issue, only inflame emotions, because when emotions run rampant, logic is sentenced to death, an extremely popular political ploy used today. Treason is essentially aiding the enemy in a time of war. Want to talk treason …. Let’s talk Treason.


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Let’s begin with today’s all too familiar topic, “the killing of children.” Yes, yes, the wholesale slaughter we see nearly every other day at our nation’s schools that bleeding heart liberals wring their hands in despair about and evangelical Christians angrily defend their God given right to wield their sword anyway they please. Know what’s really pitiful about this? We can’t even agree there is a serious problem with massacring children and that we need to at least attempt to address the issue.

An enemy, I don’t see how you can classify the killings as “friendly fire,” is attacking and killing American citizens nearly every other day, on American soil. Yet politicians immediately begin the banter of tried and true rhetoric, bullshit actually, that they know will run the news cycle in circles and soon be forgotten or replaced with another tragic incident. Now I ask you … If these very politicians were to hide ISIS terrorists, who had just slaughtered Americans, would that be Treason? I think even Billy Bob Redneck would have to say yes to that. Well, by purposely hiding the potential reasons for these sick incidents they are allowing this deadly threat to all Americans to remain hidden. I’d say that’s aiding and abetting the enemy …. Treason!!

Ted Cruz Holds Second Amendment Campaign Event At Iowa Gun Range

You point the gun at liberals, right?

In times like this I often think “Why didn’t these types of things happen when I was kid?” We had access to guns. WWII had just barely ended, then we jumped into Korea, and were then fighting in Vietnam. We had access to guns and knew damn well how to kill. Yet, it didn’t happen. Why? One possibility was we respected law enforcement and were scared of the consequences of breaking “jay walking laws” much alone mass murdering. America was built as a nation of laws, thus the Constitution, and it was only through the respect for the agencies that enforced these laws were we able to maintain a civilized country. What if this pillar of American society was intentionally destroyed by an American? Would that be Treason?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and concede 99% of Americans would view the intentional destruction of America’s legal system as treasonous. We currently have an insane President and a group of cowardly republican politicians, that are intentionally trying to bring down America’s law enforcement community by crippling the FBI and the Justice department. Not since the Roman empire, whose Senate destroyed Rome from within, has such a Shakespearean tragedy been witnessed. I call on Americans to call the acts for what they are … Treason!

Nazi. For most Americans that term is equated with evil. Unjust persecution, destruction of the free press, intense propaganda which created a fairy-tale reality, are but a few of the things that come to mind when we think of the Nazis. But possibly the most feared arm of the Nazis was the Gestapo. The secret police who lurked in the shadows snatching unsuspecting people from their homes and off the streets in order to illegally incarcerate and deport them from Germany, many just disappeared.

Today America, under the direction of, my my look at this, the insane President and cowardly Republican politicians, have our own gestapo … ICE. This once proud and civilized branch of law enforcement has been transformed into a legal vigilante search and destroy mob.

Billy Bob Redneck will scream they are going after illegal aliens who are rapist, murders, drug dealers and just plain “Bad Hombres,” as the insane President labels them. The illegal aliens are the cause of everyone of America’s problems. Betcha you’re right. Just like the Jews were the cause of every one of Germany’s problems.

I thought our Constitution protected people against this type of treatment without due recourse under the law. If I’m correct, that means the … hell, here we go again, the insane President and cowardly Republican politicians are attempting to destroy a major part of our Constitution. That my friend is Treason.

I suppose Fox news can spin these treasonous acts into a patriotic flag waving experience. But I’ll ask one last question. If an enemy bought the American government with the full intentions of turning it against the American citizens, and the people responsible for stopping that willfully looked the other way, would that be Treason? Think hard on that one. Obviously the insane President being bought by Russia, an arch enemy since WWII is treasonous. The cowardly Republicans allowing and protecting this treasonous act is committing treason.

But …. in reality every politician, Republican and Democrat, including the Supreme Court is guilty of treasonous acts by accepting money in exchange for the, what was once known as the American Dream. The similarities between current America and the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany are too parallel to be considered a consequence. If you can see past the intentional chaos and noise that distracts us daily there is a bleak picture emerging. What’s good for the few is all that matters. You can’t get any brasher than passing a tax cut for the wealthy 1%, then declare we must cut social programs because we can’t afford them.

I’m not here to point fingers at who does or does not have guns. I myself own an AR-15. legally bought so the government already knows I have it. What I’m trying to plea for is an accounting of where we are as a society concerning the underlying reasons for the madness. Is that too much to ask for?

PS. For those Constitutional experts squirming to proclaim me wrong, that treason can only be perpetrated in a time of war … I dare you to stare into the vacant eyes of those lifeless children and deny we aren’t at war. Maybe with ourselves, but it is war.


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