Trump Impeached!

I have been diagnosed with a compulsive behavior disorder. For instance, go to the gym! The hell with every other day training, I went 7 days a week for months, until I injured myself. Now I don’t go at all. Eat Chocolate! I got into a habit of eating a Hershey chocolate bar before going to sleep, as I loved letting it melt in my mouth. Well, @100 candy bars later and 5 lbs heavier I finally stopped. That’s a lie … my wife stopped me. Last but not least was smoking. I didn’t inhale a cigarette, I ate them, 3 packs a day was not unusual. (As of this writing I’ve quit for 3 months. I’d still chew my arm off for a smoke) Anyway, what does this have to do with Trump Impeached?

Anybody who knows me or has read anything I’ve written knows I literally hate the man/child. I believe he’s the most vile and evil man ever created in the last 50 years, but … I am going to keep my personal opinions out of this, or at least I’m sure going to try.

I wish to pose a very serious question for your consideration and I’d really like a response if you have time. The question:

What If Trump’s Russian Connections Are True?

Wait a minute. This is not political! Seriously, think about this for a moment. If you can imagine a non-political acceptance of the special council’s investigation, no I didn’t just smoke a joint, but I would a cigarette, that provided Facts that Trump received an enormous amount of help from the Russians in all ways imaginable, in order to win the 2016 election… what do we do?

Logically speaking, a very valid argument could be made that a foreign hostile government, wouldn’t even have to be hostile, just foreign, put in place a puppet government in the United States.

Let that sink in. Putin put his man in command of the United States just like he did in the Ukraine, before Manafort and him were was ultimately thrown out. Essentially we have a Russian sleeper serving as our president. In other words Putin is in charge of Russia and the United States.

Now let’s really stretch our imagination and pretend Congress unanimously impeaches Trump. Pow! Boom! Relieved of duty and out of the office in under 2 weeks and in Federal Prison within the month’s end. The weather doesn’t even change that fast in Washington DC. I’m not concerned about Pence or the constitutional order of succession, not right now anyway.

The light has come on, the cat’s out of the bag, the cow’s left the barn, whatever, what do we do now? There is a consensus view that Trump was a Russian stooge and Putin was actually calling all the important shots in America for the pass year & a half.



That means:

1. Putin installed a United States Supreme court judge and possibly two. These two judges could effect court decisions that could affect our country for the next 40 to 50 years if not longer. The third branch of government no longer exists, it’s become a Russian court run by Putin.
2. Trump/Putin are expert manipulators and masters of the miss-direction. Look here at these bells, while I pickpocket your wallet. While the news has been consumed, every day since the election on something outrageous Trump has done or tweeted, his cronies have been using this cover fire to work at dismantling American institutions.
3. The EPA has all but been eliminated. It exist in name alone and the far reaching consequences of polluted water and air will be felt for decades. Our American kids could quite possibly grow up weak and sickly while Russian kids are strong and healthy.
4. The National Parks service has given away tens of thousands acres, the government has owned for a 100 years, which means your land, to mining companies. Parts of National Parks and National Monumental sites have been destroyed or given away to political contributors.
5. Our public education system is overseen by someone that loathes public schools. I’m not debating charter schools vs public school quality, I’m looking at those who are properly educated and those who won’t be. How better to bring America to its knees than dumb it down,
6. What about policies Trump has enacted that have divided the country in to. The Muslim band, incarcerating children and other divisive actions. Again, not arguing yeah or nay on the policies, just maintaining the fact Putin inspired policy enactments has divided the country.
7. What about Trump’s intentions of destroying the Western alliance, a dream of Putin’s for years. NATO is on the brink of collapse in 1 ½ years after 60 years of solid alliances. With Trump’s help he’s just about done it.

I don’t pretend to know everything that has transpired the last two and one half years behind the scenes and probably don’t want to know. I fear the consequences are monstrous in size, scope and destruction.

Now … what does America do? Remember in this fairy tale story, there is no doubt 95% of what Trump enacted was a direct order from Putin, a hostile foreign leader. I’m reasonably sure Twitter and Trump hotels were of no concern to Putin.

Do we leave two Supreme Court Justices, who were picked by the Russian government, in charge of America’s legal future? Some will scream, especially the far right, the judges were voted in by the United States Senate, therefore legal. Here’s our first test of country over party … there are those who will benefit greatly from these seated judges and will want them retained. Do we retain Russian plants or remove them and vote in two other judges? This should not even be a question, but unfortunately it’s a very serious question with no foreseeable answer.

Do we leave policies like the travel band and arresting children remain operational or do we void them?

Are we capable of repairing our alliances around the world with our traditional allies? Just removing Trump will not do it. The Congress would have to rein in whoever was president and redirect our focus on allies and not on enemies. That requires a spine so that’s a weak maybe on that.

Here’s my last and probably most important and difficult question to answer.

Do we hold a new election?

It’s been proven the election was rigged. Even if Pence is proven not involved in the scheme, he wouldn’t be where he is if the election were not rigged. Who would be allowed to run? Hillary by default? Ted Cruz and Hillary election?

I promised to keep politics out of this, but as I write I see a very sad picture emerging and God I hope I’m wrong. As of today June 28, 2018 Putin has won his war on America without firing a single shot. No matter what happens for now on, Trump’s cleared, Trump impeached, Trump is dead … it doesn’t matter. The country has been changed enough to never be America again. There is no going back.

Changing a person’s mind is quite difficult sometimes, but there is always the possibly. Changing a strong emotional feeling is all but impossible. The millions, perhaps billions of people world wide that now hate the United States will hate us for decades.

The pre 2016 United States of America is dead and gone.



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