Should Christians be Preppers?

Should Christians be Preppers? A very simple question … with potentially explosive ramifications. They say never discuss politics or religion because its a no-win situation.

Why? Because everyone has an opinion and each totally believes their version is correct, and will provide mountains of scripture, political theroeries and economic charts to prove they’re right.

Well, not being the sharpest tack in the box I’m about to commit literary suicide by discussing both of these subjects. Why? Because I think it needs to be discussed. Because I’m sick of self-righteous and self-serving people condemning people with different views. Because I’m off my meds.

Webster dictionary defines benchmark as (1) a surveyor’s mark on a permanent object of predetermined position and elevation used as a reference point. (2) a standard by which something can be measured or judged, such as his painting is a benchmark of quality.

I feel it only fair to establish my benchmark, my point of view based on brief historical and emotional experiences, in order for you to evaluate the information. I was raised a strict Southern Baptist, no dancing, no drinking, no having fun type religion, but based on God’s Word. I converted to Lutheran as an adult. I couldn’t go as far as a Catholic, I couldn’t see myself confessing all my thoughts and deeds to another person, priest or not. I’m too ashamed. But Lutheran gave me the option of having fun and drinking a bit while still hearing the Word of God. I was raised in a Union family that voted Republican … go figure. In all fairness to my parents it was a deep secret to the outside world.
Should Christians be Preppers? The original question. In my quest to answer the “Chicken or the Egg first” quandary I spot checked numerous website and blogs which dealt with this question. I was actually surprised at how many there were, but not surprised by the wide range of opinions. I must confess, to me anyway, most of the articles were boring and long winded so my research may be a bit tainted. But the gist of the learned opinions varied from God will provide, God wants us to prepare, to we won’t be here to experience the whole thing when the world tumbles down around us so don’t worry about it. Kind of a multiple choice thing.
Finding nothing convincing one way or the other I have decided to offer my own opinion on the question. Yep, here comes the suicide part.
As a self professed Christian I am sickened by the actions of the Evangelical Christians in the last few years. I feel my religion, my belief in the Almighty has been high-jacked by self-righteous and self-serving hypocrites. In order to be an Evangelical Christian you must succumb to being a staunch Republican … period. Democrats, devil begins with a D, are not allowed, possibly tolerated in some cases, but not welcomed. I simply ask “Why?”
Why are Evangelicals aligned with the Republican political party? As far as I can tell Republican philosophy contradicts nearly everything Jesus, my Lord and Savior, taught, with the exception of when Christ said the Poor will always be among us, (or something similar.) I thought we were charged with taking care of our fellow man. Obviously, my mistake.
How can you deprive children of medical insurance, possibly dooming them to death or at least a lifetime of chronic pain and agony without proper medical treatment and claim to be a Christian? I have no idea why Jesus wasted His time healing the sick. What the hell was he thinking?
How can you deprive children of food, sending them to bed with a gnawing hunger every night and declare you’re a Christian? Jesus really screwed up the Sermon on the Mount when he fed all those lazy freeloaders. Hell, if they couldn’t afford food let them go hungry. Biblical welfare. Disgusting.
There seems to be a whole lot of misinterpretation or a loss in translation from what the Bible said a few years ago and what it says now. Didn’t Jesus say “Give unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s and Give unto God what’s God’s?” (I’m no scholar … these are paraphrased quotes) Somehow Caesar has come to represent the 1% wealthiest human beings on earth. Little left for God and definitely nothing left for the poor, which are increasing daily. You next shrinking middle class person?
Now for the stake through my heart. How can you idolize a man who is a liar, a cheat, an atheist, a money monger, a false prophet and somehow spit out the words “I’m an Evangelical Christian” You’d think the words would stick in your throat.
Again, I ask why?
Republicans are Pro-life. OK. They’re against abortion, but …. they are also against per-natal care so the child has a chance of being healthy. They are against contraception so possibly not so many women would have unwanted pregnancies. They are against feeding and schooling the child destining it to a life of struggle and poverty. You hear the adage anyone can have a kid but not everyone can be a parent. Let that sink in.
Republicans are Pro-gun. Yeah, so? What’s that mean? They endorse the slaughter of little children while at school, or the massacring of innocent concert goers. What are you afraid of? The government taking your guns away? The Republicans are the government. Ever hear the adage “The pen is mightier than the sword.” With a stroke of a pen your new found king (dictator) can take your guns away. What are you going to do about it? Fight the military? Great … see how that fairs for you.
Republicans are Pro-Republicans. The end justifies the means. Democracy dies when opposition dies. Therefore, it is perfectly alright to elect child-molesters, convicted criminals, perverts, doesn’t matter as long as they vote the party line. Democracy is getting kinda boring anyway.
By now you are probably screaming “Go ahead and die you hypocrite, you old white man, you traitor to your religion.” I will … when God wills it. Until then let me state this:
I am a Christian and love my God and my Savior Jesus Christ. I bow to no dictator nor those who enable him.
I know the difference between the truth and a lie and God willing will continue to know the difference no matter how many lies I’m told.
I’m bound by no political party or their philosophy, only what God puts in my heart to be known as good and righteous with His true intentions.
Should Christians be Preppers? In my viewpoint we have no other choice than to be Preppers. Christians went willingly into the arena with the lions and you see what that got them. Jews went willingly into the gas chambers, same results. We Preppers must not only continue but must increase our efforts to insure our families’ survival.
Do I believe Christians will be swept up to Heaven and avoid the tribulation? Yes. But who says this is the end. How do we know the apparent tribulations are what is foretold? We don’t. At least I don’t. So I’m gonna prepare just in case God ain’t quite ready to end it all yet.


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