Are You Prepared to Survive the Coming Apocalypse?

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Up until one year ago, a question of how to survive the coming apocalypse was only related to how to survive zombies roaming the city and country side, which made Fear the Walking Dead a fan favorite. With great trepidation I must now say, that is no longer true. The distinct possibility of America enduring an apocalypse of its Democratic system seems quite within the realm of possibility, and inches closer daily.

Here we go,” you scream “Gotta get politics into it.” NO! This isn’t about politics. Politics may have forced us to this dangerous cliff, but no politics on my part. This is about cold calculated facts that clearly demonstrate that America is under direct attack by hostile forces, both domestic and foreign. Americans had better quit bickering, pull their heads out of the asses and look at what’s staring them in the face.

Assuming you haven’t already clicked off because you are one of those closed minded people that refuse to listen to anything but the rambling of a mad man, allow me to present a few examples of what I mean. Read them, consider them, then if you still think I’m crazy .. so be it. Nobody appointed me God. Unlike our President, I can admit I’ve made a few mistakes in my life.

Let’s take an unemotional, black and white study of eerily similar actions now being taken by our new government administration and the Nazi Third Reich.

Hitler vs Trump – Coincidences are a Planned Strategy?

Adolf Hitler Donald Trump
began his political career with a lie, claiming the Jews were responsible for Germany’s loss of WWI and only he could rescue Germany. He knew he had to incite a base of support and bitter ex-soldiers is where he began. began his political career with a lie, claiming he had indisputable proof Obama was not a U.S. Citizen and only he could prove it. He played to his intended base of angry, scared white middle and lower class people.
wrote his book Mein Kampf, which gave his version of how he did business. In reflection, his work was that of a madman. wrote his book, Art of the Deal, which gave his version of how he did business. In reflection, his work was that of a liar and a braggart.
knew free labor unions would oppose him so he outlawed labor unions. didn’t want the unions making noise and spotlighting his anti-labor attitude, so he had his labor dept and courts pass regulations which gutted labor unions rendering them inconsequential. For all practical purposes … outlawed.
didn’t want the distraction of law suits being litigated opposing his actions, so he attacked Germany’s legal system replacing most established legal experts with unqualified, yet people very loyal only to him. dismissed all Federal Prosecutors and every judge he could and replaced them with unqualified, yet people very loyal only to him. (Recall the person nominated for judge who didn’t know anything about basic law)
surrounded himself with immoral henchmen loyal only to him. Goering, Hess, Himmler, Goebbels & Eichmann are a few examples. These people carried out Hitler’s bidding with unquestioning loyalty and viciousness. surrounds himself with immoral henchmen loyal only to him. Zinke, Pence, Mnuchin, Devos. These people are destroying the American education system, EPA regulations, destroying public parks and monuments. Carrying out Trump’s bidding with unquestioned loyalty and viciousness.
became enriched with stolen valuables from conquered countries. became, and continues to become, enriched with stolen money from the US treasury and tax payers. It’s estimated the Trump family has pocketed $50 million dollars from the US government through payments to Trump owned properties. In One Year!
colluded with Stalin in order to clear his path for war in the West. In collusion they agreed to divide Poland after Germany, with Russia’s help, conquered it. colluded with Putin, and with Russia’s help, cleared his path to steal the American presidency. They agreed to void expensive and troublesome U.S sanctions against Russia which affected Putin’s henchmen. Ironically both were leaders of Russia, traditional mortal enemies of the United States.
eliminated officials that could pose a problem for him, Night of the Long Knives,where his opponents were all killed. fired the head of the FBI, luckily he didn’t have him killed, because he posed an immediate threat to Trump’s reign. He’s belittled and cast shadows of doubt on the credibility of both the FBI and the Justice Department in order to diminish any attempt they may make to sound the alarm of wrong doing, thus castrating any official who may oppose him.
never allowed his staff to question or call out any of his decisions because he’d go into angry rants if questioned. is exactly the same. No one in the administration dare question a decision he makes.
 would praise his supporters, some very staunch loyal people, who were dismissed the moment they lost their usefulness to Hitler’s overall plan. These were mostly generals, although he had his best friend and leader of Hitler’s personal security army, the Brown Shirts killed, as Hitler became concerned about his rising popularity. clearly displays the same “you loyal to me, but screw you” mentality. Do the names Reince Priebus, chief of staff, Sean Spicer, propaganda minister, Steve Bannon, close friend and adviser, ring a bell? Nobody supplants Trump’s position in the limelight.
took over the news media making it a propaganda tool. discredits the American Press with claims of “Fake News”. This and “Alternative Facts” are two terms coined by the Trump administration which are based on totally on calculated lies. Fox news, owned by a Trump close associate, has become a Trump propaganda tool, spinning their version of the truth.
dismantled Germany’s historical form of government by declaring himself Fuehrer and all powerful. has attacked the U.S. Constitution attempting to do away with our historical form of government, separation of powers with 3 distinct branches of government, in a “Check and Balance” system. He claims he alone commands the Executive and Judicial Branch, and is continually stripping powers away from the legislative branch as he slowly consolidates power into a single dictator … him.
 Propaganda Chief, Joseph Goebbels, spun a lie in so many various and different ways nobody really knew where the truth stopped and the lies began. It was all intended to hide, muddy the waters or create a false narrative of a situation. has unashamed created the title of Liar-in-Chief , as no American President has ever defiantly told so many lies, in so many different ways on so many subjects. He too intends to muddy the waters, misdirect, change the subject of conversation or spin a false narrative.
ensured compliance of the members of the German Reichstag through intimidation, bribes and collusion. ensures compliance of Republican members of Congress through intimidation, bribes and collusion.
 spread division and hatred throughout German society by persecuting the Jews.  has duplicated this division and hatred by persecuting people of color.

To be honest with you I have another 20 items on my list I was going to include, but if you don’t see a disturbing pattern by now, another 20 examples won’t make any difference.

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I ask you to just stop and please reflect.

How many challenges to the Constitution has occurred this past year that were thought unthinkable a year ago?

When did viciously attacking American citizens, Gold Star Families and other patriots, by the President of the United States not only become alright, but the norm?

When did the American Presidency become a daily soap opera filled with lies, treachery, possible treason, negative news about Americans or our historic allies?

When has America been so afraid? The recent debacle of the false missile warning in Hawaii is a prime example. True it was an absolute screw up with comparisons to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and needs immediate attention to correct. But … if it were not for the world being a hair away from a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea, do you really think people would have reacted with so much conviction and belief? Maybe. But consider this; how many horrible possibilities do we face everyday, and maybe foolishly, ignore or refuse to believe it could happen? Up until recently I believe this event would have been in that category.

If your answers to the above questions was One Year Ago … let that sink in.

I’m going to end this with two questions I want you to honestly and earnestly ponder because the answer to these 2 may be the deciding factor in whether you know how to survive the coming apocalypse or not.

What are you going to do if the Special Investigator, Mueller probe, present clear and convincing evidence that criminal activities were committed by Trump and his associates? Possibly with cooperation of the Russians?

What are you going to do if the Republican Congress ignores the criminal acts which in effect is enacting a coupe and the take over of the government?

I hope you’re prepared.



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