America’s Auschwitz


Germans claimed they knew nothing of the Nazi’s concentration camps and the horrors that awaited those destined to arrive at such places as Auschwitz. They may have pondered why so many Jews were arriving at these facilities, but none seemed to be leaving, but we’re talking Jews, a subhuman species. If the Fuehrer dictated the action…it was not to be questioned for Hitler was all powerful and never wrong.

Fast forward to America 2018, a place far different than the one that fought the evil of the Nazis and the Japanese empire. Once a bright beacon of hope to the world, now a flickering candle in an ever self induced wind storm. Once loved by the world and despised by her enemies… now loathed by her allies and mocked by her ever increasing number of enemies.

To know the current status of a country or people, one must know at least a brief history of the people, for what we did yesterday … is why we are where we’re at today. Even though, as you’ll see in America’s situation, the history strongly violates its current status.

The old adage “history repeats itself” has declared its validity again when dealing with America 2016 forward.

Germany, duped by strong armed Nazi henchmen and false propaganda, elected Adolf Hitler their leader, Chancellor, which Hitler quickly turned into the position of Fuhrer. The powers of Chancellor were limited by other branches of government, but Fuhrer was all powerful.

Hitler started a propaganda machine, the size and audacity which the world had never seen, in order to lie to the German people. The Nazi party would commit open atrocities and deny it with a barrage of “Fake News” confusing and dividing the German people. Only a pledge of loyalty to the Fuhrer, Hitler himself, could assure a peaceful existence.

Hitler needed a villain, a scourge on the land that only Hitler could combat, and to have the German people focus on. The Jews were his chosen ones and like the plagues God unleashed on Egypt, he set about to torture, maim, kill and inflict the most pain he could upon these people.

The holocaust, where millions of Jews, men, women and children were slaughtered is a factual part of history. Some conveniently deny it ever happening, but these hypocrites always have a hidden agenda behind their denials. They say photos don’t lie ( before computer altering technology) and there are thousands of photos chronicling the horrors.

America, 2016, America duped by a hostile foreign government (Russia) elected Donald Trump president of the United States, an act which began with a possible Constitutional crisis. How does someone lose by over 2 million votes, yet be declared winner? A clear problem when trying to convince a country to become a democracy … just like us?

Trump quickly saw being President was not nearly enough power for him because there were limitations set out by other branches of government. He systematically dismantled the pillars of democracy, tainting all branches of government and castrating Republican members of congress. He in essence declared himself King and above the law.

He set up a powerful propaganda machine, Fox news, which spewed out twisted views and out right lies to the American public. Only those who swore loyalty to Trump could be more or less guaranteed peace from the viscous attacks Fox would unleash on any decent-er.

Trump needed a villain, a target of scorn which he could blame all of America’s problems on, just as Hitler did the Jews. His chosen target … aliens, illegal at first, but then just anybody who was of Latin decent. His gestapo, ICE, would run midnight raids on homes arresting and deporting people, most of the time without legal cause. They were Latinos … that’s enough reason.

That not being harsh enough Trump embarked on a method of extreme brutality. He ordered children be ripped away from their parents and held captive in secret holding areas. Imagine having your five year old ripped from your hands never knowing if you’ll ever see the child again. My God, what cruelty.


I’d venture to say 95% of Americans were unaware of these atrocities being committed in the land of the free, etc etc. But on the weekend of June 2-3 2018 a United States Senator attempted to view one of the holding areas where children were stored. He was not only blocked, but threatened with arrest if he didn’t vacate the property.

In other words, this senator was attempting to inspect, or expose, Trump’s government’s concentration camps and was defiantly stopped. Since this story it’s been claimed thousands of children, torn from their parents, are housed in cages inside holding areas such as an abandoned Walmart.

This is an unspeakable tragedy created by a monster. I don’t really expect anybody of any authority to try and stop this madness. Trump will claim they love MS-13 and other druggies and murders and people will turn their heads just like Germany did in WWII. Unlike some Germans, who probably were ignorant of the Nazi concentration camps, Americans can’t claim ignorance. Indifference, cowardice, hatred, but not knowing is not one of them. I hope you can live with yourself.

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