A Letter to My Grand-kids


Dear Grand-kids,

I truly hope when you read this you will chuckle with how silly grandpa was in his old age. I’ll say this one more time, then no more … I hope what I’m writing does not come true.

History is written by people in power, therefore, you don’t know if its true or not. I’m remembered of the Diary of Ann Frank and other personal diaries and recordings of normal everyday people that actually told the unadulterated truth of horrible times through personal experiences. It’s with this intent I write this story to you… so you might know the truth of how America died.

It’s impossible to say exactly when America began to slip into oblivion. I personally feel it was when the Supreme court ruled that corporations could buy elections with piles of cash, not that they didn’t before, but this made it legal. The American government was officially put up on the auction block, for sale to the highest bidder.

I have heard argued when America elected an African American president the beginning of the end was launched. This highly educated and, in my opinion too soft, man encompassed everything America hated at that time. Barack Obama. That sure as hell ain’t no American name. It’s more associated with the Muslim religion, which America was actively engaged in war with. He was black, something no true Southern could ever accept, and they are not alone. There were plenty of Northern Irish, Italian, German and etc. whites who suddenly realized they had a deep seated prejudice.

Angry old white men and women, money grabbers and some blacks concerned about how they could capitalize inside the white man’s world by hating other blacks, in other words, the Republican party, did everything they could to obstruct and insure that the black president not only failed, but failed miserably. For all practical purposes they succeeded pretty well. The passing of a National Health Care, Obama-Care as they called it, was the sole piece of substantial legislation passed in 8 years. Ironically, the most important and beneficial benefit since Social Security for the average American, cost the Democrats the congress. I might note, some say this is when America went to their knees, but I disagree.

To summarize. America has endured wars, they have elected a black, an accused Muslim, there is racial strife, dirty and illegal politics, stalemate as the party of Republican becomes the party of “NO.” America is floundering with no real direction.

If the black President wants it … “NO!”
If the Democrats want it … “NO!”
If certain Republicans want it … “NO!”
Does everyone hate one another? “no …. I mean YES!”

Gridlock became the norm as the country stood still frozen. You ever been stuck in gridlock on the highway? Sure, everyone has. What’s it like? First, you look for a way around the traffic. Is there a back road that winds around behind the mess? No. Then exasperation. I can’t believe I’m stuck in this shit. Why me? Then the slow burn begins. Like an ember deep inside your gut it grows into a raging fire and unable to contain the pressure you explode, screaming while violently shaking the steering wheel. Didn’t move you one inch in traffic, but it felt good.

It’s in this atmosphere America began to wither and die. The 2016 presidential election would serve as the official starting gun in the race to destruction. The Democrats put forth 2 candidates who were totally different, but neither a person capable of changing America, especially Hillary Clinton. So Democrats have 2 choices … bad and worse.

The Republicans field a group of candidates that range from A to Z. From the most vile and dishonest man, D. Trump, to the most Taliban religious zealot ever to run Ted Cruz and everything in between including a man who claimed destroying Americans who belonged to a Union should be the reason he be president.

People are disgusted. People are angry. People want to lash out, but at who, what and how? What is going on? The lunatics are running the asylum.

Along comes Donald Trump, a reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, Putin and just about every other despicable dictator in history. However, exactly like these other evil men, the timing was perfect.

Here was a candidate that spewed violence, hatred, prejudice, attacking war heroes and Gold Star military families (those who lost family in the wars), talking about grabbing women’s’ pussies because he could. He made a mockery of the election process, telling one lie bigger than the last and viciously labeling others with degrading names, such as “lying Ted” “Little Marco” lying Hillary” etc etc.

As the campaign evolved it was common knowledge Trump was a compulsive liar, a narcissist, self centered evil little man that broke just about every American moral code ever written. Under normal circumstances he would have not lasted more than 2 Republican primaries, but … these were not normal times.

People hated ALL the choices they were offered to vote for, Democrat, Republican and Independents. What had happened to the candidate that once promised inclusion, moral strength, fair treatment of all people, a new direction …. that person did not exist, or actually did not have the money to come forward, and people were more bitter by the moment. Their country has been hijacked, no politician cares about anybody but their donors, and the resentment was boiling over. There was a desperate search for a relief valve.

Fast forward, Trump pulled off a stunning upset over Clinton. Stunning in many ways.
Number one every poll had Clinton winning, yet every one of them proved to be wrong. Number two, Clinton gathered more than 2 million more votes for President than Trump, but the electoral college gave the election to Trump. Try explaining that one to a country you are trying to convince to have free and democratic elections. Talk about being a hypocrite.

The dismantling of the American democracy began the day after Trump taking over. Let me re-phrase that, the public dismantling of American democracy began then, the real beginning was a year before the election. The day after his swearing in … the non-stop lying commenced, beginning with an easily verified lie that more people attended Trumps inaugural than Obama’s. They say pictures don’t lie, but in spite of side by side comparisons of crowd size, clearing showing Obama’s crowd dwarfed Trump’s, Trump insisted his was larger.

The day of Alternative Facts was born. What is that? That is a phrase coined by the Trump administration to say despite the facts saying I’m totally wrong … I’m going to claim otherwise and people will believe me. Although sounding like a lunatic stating such an obvious lie, guess what, people believed him. Ignoring their own eyes and brains they followed this person like the rats followed the piped piper. Timing! When have Americans been so stupid? Never.

Evil works best in the blackness of the dark. Therefore, the American free press had to be destroyed because they carried a big flashlight. Fake News was coined by the Trump administration. Anything illegal or not good for the American people done by Trump, they would cry “Fake News.” At first the administration would try to argue the situation, but quickly abandoned that method because the facts held up. Therefore, they wouldn’t argue the story wasn’t true … they’d just claim fake news and dismiss it. The people fell for it. Timing!

Phase one Nearly Complete: Destroy the news media’s credibility. (Fake News) Create a government propaganda news outlet. (Fox News) Cut off all honest accounting of administration affairs. (Making the daily White House News briefing a lying confrontational event)

Phase Two: Begin destroying all historical pillars of justice and separation of government powers. Attack the Intelligence part of government. Trump attacked and degraded the CIA because their findings indicated American enemies (Russian government) had actively engaged in helping Trump win the election. This was the first public tip of the iceberg that would destroy America.

Attack the FBI, America’s premiere law enforcement agency. Claim they are crooked, breed distrust, fire agency heads that pursue any investigation against the administration. Secrecy must be maintained, and if not completely maintained, the messenger must be discredited. No one will believe this administration did such evil things, although it’s in black & white before the public’s eyes.

Attack the Justice Department. They are not the nation’s premiere law enforcement agency responsible for enforcing the laws that protect Americans … they are political hacks that have hijacked the legal system. Together with the courts, they have illegally surveyed and spied on every American citizen.

Phase Two Nearly Complete: America’s law enforcement, courts and intelligence agencies are weakened, distrusted and fearful of retaliation from the White House if they attempt to perform their Constitutional duties. The hierarchy of all these agencies have been purposely destroyed, leaving chaos and uncertainty to reign supreme.

I believe phase Three was a shot in the dark for Trump, his only unknown variable. How would the Republican congress react to his nation destroying antics? After all, only a minuscule number of republicans endorsed him for president.

However, kudos to Trump for understanding the true soul of republican congress people. He ventured if he gave the republicans what they wanted … a HUGE tax cut for the rich, he could manipulate them like a puppet. He was not only correct about that, but (Timing) he had no idea, maybe he did, that the republican leadership had become spineless. The party of No had become the party of fear. Fear of losing donors, fear of losing Trump voters and fear of the Tweet.

I honestly don’t think even Trump knew Ryan and Mitch baby would totally sell the American people out, but they did. They could have derailed the destruction of American democracy at any time by saying “NO” but they no longer knew that word. How could anybody predict 500 plus people, not representatives, but greedy people, would all collapse of no spine at one time? Nostradamus could not have prophesied that with such accuracy. (Timing)

Phase Three Complete: Not only is the republican held congress not going to stop Trump, they quickly become complicit with the lies and deceit. Devin Nunes, who I believe history will label a traitor, depends on how this story ends, shamed himself prostrating himself to Trump. He wasn’t alone.

Grand-kids, as of May 21, 2018 Trump becomes bolder by the moment.

1. He has laid claim to all government branches as His and beholden to do his bidding, not their constitutional obligations.
2. He openly takes bribes from foreign governments …China in particular.
3. He openly disregards any constitutional obligation or moral code. The courts defend him.
4. He openly defies the law, claiming he alone is above the law. So far nobody has argued the point.
5. I feared we’d elected a dictator or king, but I honestly believe he thinks he’s a god.
6. He has provoked several traditional allies into considering war against us. He’s isolated the country not unlike North Korea is isolated.

There is someone pounding on the door so I must go answer it. I’m hiding this unfinished letter because if its who I think it may be … I won’t be able to finish this. I’ll be swept away to wherever they re-educate people in understanding that Trump is all powerful.

I hope I’m wrong, buttttt

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