How to go Insane for Less than $2,000

Ever hear the slogan “If it was easy everyone would be doing it,” or “If I can do it you can do it.” Possibly the Best … “So easy a child can do it.”

Well, meet a child that can’t seem to do it. The Bible says “Once a man … twice a child” and I get that. You’re born helpless and die helpless, in between you hopefully get lucky and are not be a helpless adult. Although it seems instead of 19 being the age of “get out of the house” it’s now 30 or 35. God, I couldn’t imagine living with my parents until 30, but that’s another story.

So what’s the deal about going insane? Seems like just about everyone anymore is, and you’d like to join the party. “Ignorance is bliss,” I always say.

I’m sure there are many ways to accomplish insanity. Watch Fox news for 24 hours non-stop is a good method. The most popular method lately is trying to figure out Trump’s foreign policy, or tariffs, or lawyers, or pretty much anything he says, obviously a multiple choice option. But that delves into politics and I don’t like talking politics. Plus it doesn’t cost any money … unless you’re trying to buy health insurance that has mysteriously quadrupled since last year.

But … my favorite method for achieving total insanity is to try and make any money off the internet. Had Edgar Rice Burroughs dropped Tarzan in a jungle as hostile as the internet … it would have been Chi-ta and Jane only.

What am I talking about? Well, to begin with, in case you didn’t know, Tarzan was the creation of author Edgar Rice Burroughs and grew up in the jungles of Africa. Tough little sucker who yelled a lot scaring the hell out of everyone. But my comparison is the internet business arena, which reminds me so much of the gladiators of Rome scrapping it out, some winning … some not so lucky.

I’m wandering, a sure sign of insanity or dementia, I forget which…. sorry. I’ll try and stay on track.

I’m an old man. No sense arguing it … I’m old. Thank God I can still control my bladder, which according to TV commercials most people my age have to wear diapers, but can still dance in a chorus line. (Who thinks of this shit?) I can’t work an 8 hour shift anymore. Can’t really work a 4 hour part-time shift anymore. But … I am skillful enough to sit on my butt for 8 hours a day and pound on computer keys.

I’d make money off the internet! Bet nobody else has even thought about that. Well, I was kinda wrong about that, a few people had already thought about that, a few billion people actually. But, I was undeterred. If a billion people can get rich on the internet, there has to be room for one more and I knew the ideal candidate. ME!

It began with Facebook. Seems everything begins with Facebook. I wanted to create a Business Page that I could advertise affiliate products on and make a lot of money off commissions. Seems simple enough, but Facebook wouldn’t let me create a business page unless I had a Personal page.

I’m not the type to air my dirty laundry or want everyone to know and see everything I do on a daily basis. That sort of sounds like a police state to me, but then again Trump is president, but not being Latino or Black, I figured I was safe and succumbed creating a personal page. Big mistake.

Do you know if you make a mistake on Facebook you can’t erase it and start all over? At least there wasn’t a method I could find. Not being an expert, I am prone to make mistakes when dealing with technology. So to make a long tragic story short … after 4 additional personal Facebook pages, I now have 5, I finally got my business page up and running. Little did I know that would be the next nightmare I would encounter.


Old into New Ways

I was finally on my way to making a fortune on the internet. I spotted a spiffy little gadget on Click-bank, a small knife that looked like a credit card you could carry in your wallet. Nothing deadly, something for cutting string or slicing the tape in order to open a package, but extremely handy little critter.

I had to pay to advertise of course, which I understood. What I didn’t understand was how the advertising gig works on Facebook. Long story short again… I signed up for like $250 worth of advertising over a month. I was abhorred. I’m here to make money … not spend it. “Chill,” I told myself. Takes money to make money, it’ll turn out good and the next day I thought it had. I checked my Click-bank account and I had made $6.24 in commissions. I know, big deal, but you know when a saloon hangs a dollar up behind the bar with a sign “First Dollar Ever Made” That was me. On my way.

Checking my Emails I noticed an email from Facebook, which I figured was a congratulation for making my first sale or something like that. Not even close. It was an email telling me I had violated their rules and I could no longer advertise on my Facebook business page. Now bear in mind … Facebook has to approve any advertising before it’ll send it out. So if they approved it why was it a violation of their rules? And what rules? They don’t say. You can appeal their decision, which I did. Didn’t take them too long to tell me where to stick my appeal. Still no answer on what I did wrong.

Then possibly the worse Catch 22 I have ever been trapped in. I had $250 tied up for advertising the business page, but wasn’t allowed to advertise because I’d broken the rules. $250 disappeared into the abyss. Technically they didn’t steal it, the money’s still there, but I can’t spend it or retrieve it.

Facebook can help steal the 2016 Presidential election, but can’t refund my $250 or tell me what I supposedly did wrong.

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Strait Jacket Time

Had I been half as smart as I thought I was or had not mistaken stupidity for determination I would have stopped right then and there. I was out $250, but in my younger days I was known to occasionally over indulge and spend $250 in one night at a bar. But noooooo.

Next step … build a website. The hell with Facebook, I’d build a website and sell affiliate products from there. That ain’t easy either when you have little to no knowledge of what to do. (Let that be a clue maybe you ought to stop)

Seems Word Press is the hosting platform most everyone uses now to make a blog or a website. What’s the difference? I have absolutely no idea. So I plop down $100 for a Word Press whatever, template, site, tools, I’m not sure exactly what all is included.

There is one major difference between my attempt at Facebook and Word Press… I got smart, I hired some help, a freelancer from Upwork, Fiverr has them too. For a $100 this guy would set up my web-page. The money hurt, but the aggravation was worse.

Then he emails me and says he can’t do what I need because I didn’t buy the plug-ins. What in the hell is a plug-in? It’s an additional $200 to Word-Press is what it is. This little square dance of buying additional products and hiring additional freelancers continued for @ $1200. I assure you a $1200 table dance would have been a lot more pleasurable and productive.

Moral of the Story

If I were typing this on an old fashion typewriter the paper would be speckled from tear drops, because as I read what I’ve put myself through I want to cry. Not only the money wasted, but the extreme torture of trying to make something work when you have no idea what you’re doing.

I finally cracked when Word-Press strongly advised me to create a business Facebook page and advertise on it. I’d completed a full circle in hell.

My advise: Do not try to make money off the internet unless you are tech savvy and have an idea what you’re doing.

One thing you can count one … repeat what I did and I’ll guarantee you’ll go insane. How can I make that claim?

Simple. I’m continuing to do the same thing and am expecting different results. Ain’t that the definition of insanity?

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War is Declared on Green Energy

Why has the United States government declared war on green energy? I mean, what did green energy ever do to this country that warrants it being declared an enemy of the people and placed on the top ten list of things to destroy? What happened? Let’s back up and investigate this unusual occurrence as there must be a logical explanation.

Let’s begin on a topic I believe everyone can agree on. There is only one world on which we can maintain life, and that is earth. Human actively, spurred by a crippling population explosion and advancement of third world countries into the industrial revolution is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other emissions, which is acting like a blanket in the upper atmosphere trapping earth’s natural heat.

This blanket of gases is not suppose to be there. Nature didn’t put it there, we did by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. I believe scientists and people who don’t believe in science can agree on this fact.

Trump pushing clean coal ignoring climate change

So what’s this got to do with anything? This is where the first battle begins between the two factions of science and non-science. Science claims this blanket has created a global warming which is wrecking havoc with our weather patterns and thus our environment. This claim is based on facts, but facts matter little to the non-science faction, who claim this is a natural phenomenon that the earth has experienced before.

This is most likely very true. After all the United States was once glacier covered and deep seas existed where only desert wastelands now exist. It might be noted these changes occurred over millions of years. Keep that in mind for future reference.

So for sake of argument let’s look at may happen if the war on green energy was called off.


Amazing Simple Methods

Improved Health

Air and water pollution from coal and gas fired industrial plants are responsible for creating breathing problems, cancer, heart attacks, neurological damage and a host of other illnesses. With the dismantling of the EPA, which is charged with policing illegal pollution, the health concerns will only become worse.

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A Harvard University study showed the health care cost for treating such pollutant induced illnesses at $74.6 Billion dollars a year. It doesn’t matter your social status, although the wealthy can afford medical treatment while the poor suffer, or literally die, the causes of such sickness affects everyone. Cancer doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor.

The irony is green energy technology simply does not create the types of pollutants which poison the air and water. Although in all fairness geothermal and biomass systems do emit air pollutants, but are generally only a fraction of coal and gas fired facilities.

Wind and solar energy require essentially no water in which to operate, thus eliminates the risk of water pollution. Perhaps more importantly in some cases, by not consuming water, allows greater amounts of water available for distribution for agriculture, drinking water and other water needs. That may not sound important, but if you live in the Southwestern United States you realize water is growing continually scarcer and more expensive.

Jobs and other Economic Matters

Alright you’re not a scientist, tree hugger or visionary, you’re just a regular Joe worried about making a living and having a difficult time doing it.

Fossil-fuel-generated technologies are mechanized and capital intensive where as renewable energy alternatives are more labor intensive. Manufacturing and installing solar panels is more labor intensive than coal or oil extraction requiring more employees. That should be a great thing, right?

But here’s the giant rub, fossil fuel employees make a good wage while the jury is still out on wages renewable energy employees will command. Does it make sense to lose 250,000 jobs which pay $50 an hour (benefits included) to gain 500,000 jobs at $20 an hour? 250,000 more people working, but at much lower wages. Is that a fair trade-off?


Old Ways into New Ways

I guess it depends on whether you’re losing or gaining a job, but in my opinion the answer is a resounding No. This is the classical Race to the Bottom agenda that the government and big business love to employ, which is the exact reason the American middle class, America’s backbone, is nearly extinct.

Why should this subject even enter into the overall discussion of renewable green energy vs fossil fuel? Let’s face it … like it or not, right or wrong, everything in life depends on money. Were Amazon, Facebook, Google created for the benefit of mankind? Hell, no they were created to make the owners wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Trying to bring an illegal criminal enterprise to justice? Follow the money.

Point is, if we were talking losing 250,000 jobs at $50 an hour, but not only replacing them, but adding another 250,000 at $50 an hour, the public would be screaming for the advancement of green energy by the government.

Can we accomplish this? Is the government the answer? Yes, to the first question. Absolutely no to the second. The labor hating government is the largest obstacle to overcome to accomplish the goal. Instituting Rights-to-work laws which essentially cripples unions making them ineffective at collective bargaining, is the single most negative action enacted which stagnates workers wages. Are Unions good? YES! Are there some lousy scoundrels in the union leadership? YES!

image002 Becoming a Cowboy

Fortunately or unfortunately I have personally witnessed Union Officials of both types. Union officials that place their greed above the memberships needs should be tar and feathered and run out of town. But then someone will say all the politicians should be included in that group. Touche’ can’t argue that.

But remember, the point is to create good paying jobs in the renewable energy sector, not menial flipping hamburgers wages. Whatever means required to reach that goal is the correct one, unions are just a traditional method utilized.

Speaking of Government

Government loves money, as your taxes illustrate, so green energy should be a no-brain-er for them. For example, Local governments could enjoy a windfall of revenue from green energy with several avenues of new revenue. The property owner where the power company installs their wind turbine will be paid $3000 to $6000 per megawatt, plus royalties, plus rights-of-way leases, all resulting in more taxes being paid. The green energy company is also required to pay taxes. Farmers can produce feed stocks for biomass power facilities. The list goes on and on.

UCS analysis estimate that by 2025 a national renewable electricity standard would result in $263.4 Billion in new capital investment in renewable energy technology, $13.5 Billion in additional landowner income and $11.5 billion in new property tax revenues which flows directly into the local government’s coffers. That’s a lot of money.

Stable Energy Prices

The government likes to crow the example of federal spending to a normal household budget, when it serves their purpose. Using that example what happens to the household budget when hit with a massive and unexpected expense, it shatters possibly destroying peoples’ lives.

Historically fossil fuel prices have experienced very dramatic price swings. In the years prior to 2008 coal demand far exceeded coal production due to global demand, skyrocketing coal costs. In 2008 world demand plummeted as did the price of coal. Natural gas experienced the same dramatic shift in 2005. In 1974 the entire United States economy came to a grinding halt when the price of oil shot up and oil production was cut by OPEC. Utilizing more renewable energy would cushion the blow of a sudden spike in fossil fuel prices regardless of whether it be coal, gas or oil.

There is a price to pay. Upfront investments to build renewable energy platforms of whatever nature, will be expensive. However, once the initial sticker shock of construction is endured the facility will be extremely cheap to operate. Most clean energy technologies employ free fuel, sun, wind, water which can result in very stable costs of energy after the initial investment is recouped.

Additionally, costs of renewable energy technology has steadily and will continue to decline. The average cost to install solar panels on a home has declined 70% from 2010 to 2017. Cost of wind generated electricity has dropped 66% between 2009 to 2016. There’s no reason to doubt the continued cost reduction as technology improves.


If I turn on a light and the bulb blows I’m immediately aggravated. Now I gotta find a bulb, a ladder, undo the light fixture, etc etc. How aggravated would you be if there was literally no power at all, for days, weeks or months.

We won’t even discuss the eventual total depletion of fossil fuels, but let’s talk about temporary unavailable fossil fuels. Hurricane Sandy devastated much of New York and New Jerseys fossil fueled electric producing capacity leaving millions without power. Green energy systems in the same pathway of Sandy resulted in much less damaged capacity. Why? One reason is the green energy system is spread out over a large area, which requires massive destruction to put it down.

Water scarcity is also becoming an increased risk potential for non-renewable power plants. Coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants require a tremendous amount of water to function. The recent dramatic shift in weather patterns have produced, and will continue to produce severe drought conditions. An examination of the quickly disappearing Lake Meade should send shivers down your spine.

The risk of disruptive weather events will only increase as droughts, heat waves, more intense storms and increasing amounts and severity of wildfires become more frequent due to global warming.

So What’s the Problem?

By now you may be thinking the argument for increased renewable green energy appears to be solid. So what’s the problem? Why is it taking so long to get going?

Well, in a nutshell … a nut. The Trump administration has declared war on green renewable energy for several reasons. The most ridiculous reason is their absolute denial that Climate change is real. They immediately publicly declared their ignorance by withdrawing from the Paris Climate agreement, the only country in the world to do so, an agreement America spearheaded and helped negotiate. This denial comes as Miami is slowly sinking into the Atlantic ocean due to rising sea levels.

Another reason is pandering to a particular voting block. Trump is an expert con-man who feeds on peoples’ fear and frustration. Coal workers, Steel workers and other hard labor good paying union jobs have been decimated by global free trade. I know, I was an autoworker who suffered greatly under NAFTA. But instead of promoting new skill training for displaced workers, which could feed directly into the green energy segment, he initiates a trade war through tariffs which may destroy the American economy, if not the world’s.

Trump is dismantling the EPA, encouraging renewed pollution of the air and water.

Trump is selling off public lands to mining companies at an accelerated pace. These are not his to sell, but that doesn’t stop a dictator.

Who has declared war on Green Energy? The Trump administration.

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What is Wrong with Guns?

What is wrong with guns? Wrong question. What is wrong with us? America is terminally ill and we have no diagnosis as how to treat the patient. The prognosis is bleak … perhaps the time has come for the American style of democracy to fade into the sunset and be replaced by something else.

What’s wrong with me?” You scream with clenched fists. “That’s treasonous talk!”

Really? Once again we throw inflammatory rhetoric that annihilates the English language, why even print a dictionary when we seem to have no intentions of adhering to the real meanings of words. We don’t want to address the issue, only inflame emotions, because when emotions run rampant, logic is sentenced to death, an extremely popular political ploy used today. Treason is essentially aiding the enemy in a time of war. Want to talk treason …. Let’s talk Treason.


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Let’s begin with today’s all too familiar topic, “the killing of children.” Yes, yes, the wholesale slaughter we see nearly every other day at our nation’s schools that bleeding heart liberals wring their hands in despair about and evangelical Christians angrily defend their God given right to wield their sword anyway they please. Know what’s really pitiful about this? We can’t even agree there is a serious problem with massacring children and that we need to at least attempt to address the issue.

An enemy, I don’t see how you can classify the killings as “friendly fire,” is attacking and killing American citizens nearly every other day, on American soil. Yet politicians immediately begin the banter of tried and true rhetoric, bullshit actually, that they know will run the news cycle in circles and soon be forgotten or replaced with another tragic incident. Now I ask you … If these very politicians were to hide ISIS terrorists, who had just slaughtered Americans, would that be Treason? I think even Billy Bob Redneck would have to say yes to that. Well, by purposely hiding the potential reasons for these sick incidents they are allowing this deadly threat to all Americans to remain hidden. I’d say that’s aiding and abetting the enemy …. Treason!!

Ted Cruz Holds Second Amendment Campaign Event At Iowa Gun Range

You point the gun at liberals, right?

In times like this I often think “Why didn’t these types of things happen when I was kid?” We had access to guns. WWII had just barely ended, then we jumped into Korea, and were then fighting in Vietnam. We had access to guns and knew damn well how to kill. Yet, it didn’t happen. Why? One possibility was we respected law enforcement and were scared of the consequences of breaking “jay walking laws” much alone mass murdering. America was built as a nation of laws, thus the Constitution, and it was only through the respect for the agencies that enforced these laws were we able to maintain a civilized country. What if this pillar of American society was intentionally destroyed by an American? Would that be Treason?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and concede 99% of Americans would view the intentional destruction of America’s legal system as treasonous. We currently have an insane President and a group of cowardly republican politicians, that are intentionally trying to bring down America’s law enforcement community by crippling the FBI and the Justice department. Not since the Roman empire, whose Senate destroyed Rome from within, has such a Shakespearean tragedy been witnessed. I call on Americans to call the acts for what they are … Treason!

Nazi. For most Americans that term is equated with evil. Unjust persecution, destruction of the free press, intense propaganda which created a fairy-tale reality, are but a few of the things that come to mind when we think of the Nazis. But possibly the most feared arm of the Nazis was the Gestapo. The secret police who lurked in the shadows snatching unsuspecting people from their homes and off the streets in order to illegally incarcerate and deport them from Germany, many just disappeared.

Today America, under the direction of, my my look at this, the insane President and cowardly Republican politicians, have our own gestapo … ICE. This once proud and civilized branch of law enforcement has been transformed into a legal vigilante search and destroy mob.

Billy Bob Redneck will scream they are going after illegal aliens who are rapist, murders, drug dealers and just plain “Bad Hombres,” as the insane President labels them. The illegal aliens are the cause of everyone of America’s problems. Betcha you’re right. Just like the Jews were the cause of every one of Germany’s problems.

I thought our Constitution protected people against this type of treatment without due recourse under the law. If I’m correct, that means the … hell, here we go again, the insane President and cowardly Republican politicians are attempting to destroy a major part of our Constitution. That my friend is Treason.

I suppose Fox news can spin these treasonous acts into a patriotic flag waving experience. But I’ll ask one last question. If an enemy bought the American government with the full intentions of turning it against the American citizens, and the people responsible for stopping that willfully looked the other way, would that be Treason? Think hard on that one. Obviously the insane President being bought by Russia, an arch enemy since WWII is treasonous. The cowardly Republicans allowing and protecting this treasonous act is committing treason.

But …. in reality every politician, Republican and Democrat, including the Supreme Court is guilty of treasonous acts by accepting money in exchange for the, what was once known as the American Dream. The similarities between current America and the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany are too parallel to be considered a consequence. If you can see past the intentional chaos and noise that distracts us daily there is a bleak picture emerging. What’s good for the few is all that matters. You can’t get any brasher than passing a tax cut for the wealthy 1%, then declare we must cut social programs because we can’t afford them.

I’m not here to point fingers at who does or does not have guns. I myself own an AR-15. legally bought so the government already knows I have it. What I’m trying to plea for is an accounting of where we are as a society concerning the underlying reasons for the madness. Is that too much to ask for?

PS. For those Constitutional experts squirming to proclaim me wrong, that treason can only be perpetrated in a time of war … I dare you to stare into the vacant eyes of those lifeless children and deny we aren’t at war. Maybe with ourselves, but it is war.


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Is a Tiny House Right for Anyone?

Seems Americans are drawn to the extreme. Take a normal Buick and modify it till it’s only 2 inches off the ground; why? Take a normal Dodge pickup and jack it up so high you literally need a step ladder to get in it; why? It’s classic American ingenuity and curiosity. Why leave a tried and tested product alone when you can change it. Which brings me to my question: Is a tiny house right for anyone?

Like it or not television plays a huge role in shaping our lives and the tiny home trend that has swept the home improvement channels is an example. It’s a fun journey watching the home be designed and built, a little cheesy sometimes, but interesting. But… at the end of the day the mobile tiny home is just that … a home which requires running water, plumbing, electricity and appliances. You’ll still need a place to park it in order to live in it.

Let’s examine the reality of tiny houses:

Ask any experienced real estate agent and most will tell you the tiny house thing is a fad, just like platform sneakers and leopard jackets were once popular. This portion of the real estate market is untested and is mainly buoyed by the intense TV exposure. One aspect of tiny house living is the appealing idea of downsizing, simplifying and reducing your financial burden, but is tiny the way to go?

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Sound Financial Investment?

Location, location, location is the real estate mantra and what better way to relocate to a better location than to live in a portable house. The problem is locations are hard to find. Where are you going to find a location within a city or town which allow zoning for the tiny house? Possibly in a mobile home park, but other than that you’ll have to purchase property to live on and acquiring utilities can be very expensive. That’s a huge investment.

Secondly, real estate value is based on supply and demand. Because the number of people willing to purchase a tiny home is … well, tiny. There is a large supply and very limited demand. If this lifestyle is still appealing, go for it. Just be prepared for an extended on-the-market period when you decide to sell.

What’s the Market?

The vast majority of tiny homes can only accommodate one or two full time residents and for a short period, perhaps a child. There is no room to accommodate any overnight guests, which eliminates any potential buyer who likes to entertain, which is a huge section of the population. This factor also excludes the possibly of buying a tiny home for a vacation get away as most vacations are geared to family and friends exploits, and the available room for even temporary living is just not there.

It’s true real estate markets change, trends come and go, but the average American consumer when deciding on buying a home, is interested in buying a place the family can grow into and can be held as a long term investment, building equity. The tiny home offers immediate constraints, a huge lifestyle change and the long term outlook is untested, thus an unknown.

Reality Check

The concept of downsizing is appealing, it’s like getting naked and running through a field of lilies. Problem is as you run you realize there are thorn bushes and rocks in the same field and suddenly clothes and shoes seem like a good idea again. Bottom line; the place is too darn small. Let’s face it, Americans like Stuff. We are always collecting stuff and this stuff gets stored in the garage or the basement, but a tiny house has neither.

Think about it. No option to expand, no where to store your new hobby stuff much alone your old hobby stuff. What about the cat and dog? Where do you put the litter box and dogs don’t like being confined even in a fancy cage. Lawn mower, garden tools, snow shovel?

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There is always trade offs. If you live in a great climate, like San Diego, California, the idea of opening your tiny house to the great outdoors will greatly expand the feeling of roominess. A deck will open another living space.

Sticker Shock

Mobility is a very minute factor in buying a tiny house, as it’s doubtful you’ll ever see tiny houses zooming up and down the highway. No, the main reason for downsizing is a financial one, to save money. However, in the overall picture, you most likely won’t save any money and in fact may spend more.

Look at it this way. You buy a used car which sells at the car lot for $10,000, for $500. You have made a fantastic financial deal. However, the car will need a new motor because the current one is locked up. The brakes are shot and while you’re there you’ll need four new tires. You don’t have the skills to perform the repairs so you’ll have to pay to have it performed. Suddenly you have $12,000 in maintenance costs plus the original $500 you paid for the car. You now have paid $12,500 for a $10,000 car.

You could be facing a similar scenario when buying a tiny house. You have no storage space so you’ll have to rent a storage locker. This expense plus the time and aggravation of having to go get anything bigger than a toothbrush, adds up. Want to throw a birthday party in February in Michigan, go rent a venue. Out of town family coming in for a wedding … go rent a motel. The list goes on.

The Final Dagger

You have reviewed all the options, gave consideration to the drastic life-style change, gotten rid of everything except the shirt on your back. You are going to buy a tiny house no matter what because you can build it for $50,000 in a real estate market where a normal house costs $175,000. Congratulations, that’s great.

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Then suddenly it ain’t so great. You go to the lender for a mortgage loan and are told lenders have minimum square foot requirements before they will lend money. You must pay cash for your tiny home. No problem, you have $50,000 extra lying around or uncle Joe will lend you the money. Great, problem solved. Temporarily. What about when you want to sell? Your buyer will also have to pay cash for the property. With that stipulation you have whittled your potential buyer market to literally zero.

In case you haven’t figured it out, in my opinion, Is a Tiny House Right for Anyone? No. It is a poor financial choice both current and future. It may be different if you could buy one for ten or twelve thousand dollars, but these babies can get as high as a $100,000. Again, in my opinion tiny house living is more like tiny house purgatory.

Still tempted to try the lifestyle? Just can’t resist the urge to explore an alternative life style? There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the American way … pioneering, exploring the great plains, deep oceans and outer space. However, may I offer an alternative choice.

Recreational vehicles, campers whatever label you know them by are an excellent choice to try the new life style. They are designed by professionals, incorporating clever storage usage and luxury accommodations. They have a long history of tested standards. And perhaps the biggest factor … they have an established resale value and a large pool of potential buyers.

Buy a used, but good condition recreational vehicle, live in it for a predetermined amount of time, be careful to live in the exact conditions a tiny house offers, and if you haven’t gone stir crazy by claustrophobia, sell it (which you can) and buy a tiny house. My money says you may sell the RV, but I doubt you’ll be reinvesting in a tiny house.

Ever Hear of Aquaponics?

Death From the Sky – an Asteroid

My wife asked me why I hadn’t written an article on  death from an asteroid as she held her fingers up in quote – unquote signs.

“Really?” I replied thinking she was kidding. One day I will learn not to think when conversing with my lovely wife.

“It’s happened before,” she huffed as she exited the room. I think she mumbled some other descriptive things about my intelligence or family roots or something, but I didn’t follow her to ask.

Besides being in hot water before downing my second cup of morning coffee, she had piqued my curiosity. Asteroid huh. The thing that killed off all those monstrous sized dinosaurs. Could it happen again? I decided to do a little research and what I discovered surprised me.


You don’t have to look very hard to find evidence that the possibility of earth being struck by an asteroid is real enough. On June 30, 1908, an asteroid struck the Tunguska region of Russia, completely devastating a nearby forested area, the size larger than the city itself. Had the asteroid hit the city, only a blackened twisted hole would have remained, as evidenced by the forest annihilation.

In 2013 an asteroid at 65 feet across (20 meters) exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. The energy released by the explosion, bear in mind it never actually hit the ground in tact, damaged buildings, blew out windows and injured 1500 people. The event was alarming, but fortunately not catastrophic, which it could have been should there have been an actual impact. Perhaps the scariest matter is nobody saw it coming. Sophisticated radar capable of spotting missiles or enemy aircraft were totally oblivious to this 65 foot across object hurling down from the sky. When question about the failure one official was quoted as saying “What good would it have done? There wasn’t time to escape.” That too is scary.

No Luck except Bad Luck

Dinosaurs may have been the most unlucky creatures to ever roam the planet. There’s little to no doubt the asteroid that struck the Yucatan Peninsula, creating the Chicxulub crater, 66 million years ago, brought about conditions that resulted in the extinction of the dinosaur and nearly three-quarters of all life on Earth. The asteroid was colossal, measuring 7.5 miles across (3657 meters) traveling at supersonic speeds with nearly enough energy to tilt the Earth’s axis. The impact resulted in the upheaval of enough sediment and other airborne substances, soot and hydrocarbons to chill the planet by the average of 14 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit, yet new studies show had the asteroid hit anywhere else on earth except where it did, humans would not exist.

Big Question-Why?

Scientists have often questioned why other huge asteroid strikes, one in the Chesapeake Bay and one in western Bavaria in Germany, caused no mass extinction episode. The evidence is there, based on the actual crater sizes and fossil remains, that the asteroid(s) strikes should have created similar results as the Chicxulub strike, but they didn’t.

When the asteroid, which was at half the diameter and half the length of Manhattan, struck the coast of Mexico, it slammed into a rich source of sulfur and hydrocarbons, or organic fossil fuels. This resulted in the ignition of these fuels which burned at scorching hot temperatures. This combustion would have spewed soot and sulfur into the atmosphere in sufficient quantities to blot out the sun, changing the climate and setting into motion the collapse of an entire ecosystem, and extinction of three-quarters of all species on Earth.

Location, Location, Location

We often hear this phrase when dealing with real estate values, little did I expect to be comparing it to the very existence of mankind. Researchers at the Meteorological Research Institute in Japan created a map that reflected the measurements of sedimentary rocks and organic compounds, of earth 66 million years ago. They then recreated sample asteroid strikes in various parts of the world to see where these conditions existed that would eject hydrocarbons in the quantity required to cause climate cooling and catastrophic extinction levels.

The results were perhaps, surprising. Only 13% of Earth’s surface is made up of the combination of rocks required to burn off enough soot to affect climate change. In other words had the asteroid had hit anywhere in the remaining 87% of the Earth’s surface, dinosaurs would most likely still be roaming the globe. Good for them … bad for us. Mankind could have never evolved while competing with dinosaurs for supremacy.

Death From the Sky – an Asteroid

Little did I expect that by the time I finished my pot of coffee I’d be considering thanking an asteroid for me being here instead of fearing it’ll kill me. Obviously, I kinda veered off course during my research, but the research I did on the possibility of another life extinction asteroid collision netted little real results.

Has it happened before? Yes.

Will it happen again? Probably.

Do we know when? No.

I kinda knew those answers before opening a book. In summation, I’m more afraid of what my loving wife will do to me when she reads this article, than how an asteroid will effect me.



Are You Prepared to Survive the Coming Apocalypse?

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Up until one year ago, a question of how to survive the coming apocalypse was only related to how to survive zombies roaming the city and country side, which made Fear the Walking Dead a fan favorite. With great trepidation I must now say, that is no longer true. The distinct possibility of America enduring an apocalypse of its Democratic system seems quite within the realm of possibility, and inches closer daily.

Here we go,” you scream “Gotta get politics into it.” NO! This isn’t about politics. Politics may have forced us to this dangerous cliff, but no politics on my part. This is about cold calculated facts that clearly demonstrate that America is under direct attack by hostile forces, both domestic and foreign. Americans had better quit bickering, pull their heads out of the asses and look at what’s staring them in the face.

Assuming you haven’t already clicked off because you are one of those closed minded people that refuse to listen to anything but the rambling of a mad man, allow me to present a few examples of what I mean. Read them, consider them, then if you still think I’m crazy .. so be it. Nobody appointed me God. Unlike our President, I can admit I’ve made a few mistakes in my life.

Let’s take an unemotional, black and white study of eerily similar actions now being taken by our new government administration and the Nazi Third Reich.

Hitler vs Trump – Coincidences are a Planned Strategy?

Adolf Hitler Donald Trump
began his political career with a lie, claiming the Jews were responsible for Germany’s loss of WWI and only he could rescue Germany. He knew he had to incite a base of support and bitter ex-soldiers is where he began. began his political career with a lie, claiming he had indisputable proof Obama was not a U.S. Citizen and only he could prove it. He played to his intended base of angry, scared white middle and lower class people.
wrote his book Mein Kampf, which gave his version of how he did business. In reflection, his work was that of a madman. wrote his book, Art of the Deal, which gave his version of how he did business. In reflection, his work was that of a liar and a braggart.
knew free labor unions would oppose him so he outlawed labor unions. didn’t want the unions making noise and spotlighting his anti-labor attitude, so he had his labor dept and courts pass regulations which gutted labor unions rendering them inconsequential. For all practical purposes … outlawed.
didn’t want the distraction of law suits being litigated opposing his actions, so he attacked Germany’s legal system replacing most established legal experts with unqualified, yet people very loyal only to him. dismissed all Federal Prosecutors and every judge he could and replaced them with unqualified, yet people very loyal only to him. (Recall the person nominated for judge who didn’t know anything about basic law)
surrounded himself with immoral henchmen loyal only to him. Goering, Hess, Himmler, Goebbels & Eichmann are a few examples. These people carried out Hitler’s bidding with unquestioning loyalty and viciousness. surrounds himself with immoral henchmen loyal only to him. Zinke, Pence, Mnuchin, Devos. These people are destroying the American education system, EPA regulations, destroying public parks and monuments. Carrying out Trump’s bidding with unquestioned loyalty and viciousness.
became enriched with stolen valuables from conquered countries. became, and continues to become, enriched with stolen money from the US treasury and tax payers. It’s estimated the Trump family has pocketed $50 million dollars from the US government through payments to Trump owned properties. In One Year!
colluded with Stalin in order to clear his path for war in the West. In collusion they agreed to divide Poland after Germany, with Russia’s help, conquered it. colluded with Putin, and with Russia’s help, cleared his path to steal the American presidency. They agreed to void expensive and troublesome U.S sanctions against Russia which affected Putin’s henchmen. Ironically both were leaders of Russia, traditional mortal enemies of the United States.
eliminated officials that could pose a problem for him, Night of the Long Knives,where his opponents were all killed. fired the head of the FBI, luckily he didn’t have him killed, because he posed an immediate threat to Trump’s reign. He’s belittled and cast shadows of doubt on the credibility of both the FBI and the Justice Department in order to diminish any attempt they may make to sound the alarm of wrong doing, thus castrating any official who may oppose him.
never allowed his staff to question or call out any of his decisions because he’d go into angry rants if questioned. is exactly the same. No one in the administration dare question a decision he makes.
 would praise his supporters, some very staunch loyal people, who were dismissed the moment they lost their usefulness to Hitler’s overall plan. These were mostly generals, although he had his best friend and leader of Hitler’s personal security army, the Brown Shirts killed, as Hitler became concerned about his rising popularity. clearly displays the same “you loyal to me, but screw you” mentality. Do the names Reince Priebus, chief of staff, Sean Spicer, propaganda minister, Steve Bannon, close friend and adviser, ring a bell? Nobody supplants Trump’s position in the limelight.
took over the news media making it a propaganda tool. discredits the American Press with claims of “Fake News”. This and “Alternative Facts” are two terms coined by the Trump administration which are based on totally on calculated lies. Fox news, owned by a Trump close associate, has become a Trump propaganda tool, spinning their version of the truth.
dismantled Germany’s historical form of government by declaring himself Fuehrer and all powerful. has attacked the U.S. Constitution attempting to do away with our historical form of government, separation of powers with 3 distinct branches of government, in a “Check and Balance” system. He claims he alone commands the Executive and Judicial Branch, and is continually stripping powers away from the legislative branch as he slowly consolidates power into a single dictator … him.
 Propaganda Chief, Joseph Goebbels, spun a lie in so many various and different ways nobody really knew where the truth stopped and the lies began. It was all intended to hide, muddy the waters or create a false narrative of a situation. has unashamed created the title of Liar-in-Chief , as no American President has ever defiantly told so many lies, in so many different ways on so many subjects. He too intends to muddy the waters, misdirect, change the subject of conversation or spin a false narrative.
ensured compliance of the members of the German Reichstag through intimidation, bribes and collusion. ensures compliance of Republican members of Congress through intimidation, bribes and collusion.
 spread division and hatred throughout German society by persecuting the Jews.  has duplicated this division and hatred by persecuting people of color.

To be honest with you I have another 20 items on my list I was going to include, but if you don’t see a disturbing pattern by now, another 20 examples won’t make any difference.

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I ask you to just stop and please reflect.

How many challenges to the Constitution has occurred this past year that were thought unthinkable a year ago?

When did viciously attacking American citizens, Gold Star Families and other patriots, by the President of the United States not only become alright, but the norm?

When did the American Presidency become a daily soap opera filled with lies, treachery, possible treason, negative news about Americans or our historic allies?

When has America been so afraid? The recent debacle of the false missile warning in Hawaii is a prime example. True it was an absolute screw up with comparisons to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and needs immediate attention to correct. But … if it were not for the world being a hair away from a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea, do you really think people would have reacted with so much conviction and belief? Maybe. But consider this; how many horrible possibilities do we face everyday, and maybe foolishly, ignore or refuse to believe it could happen? Up until recently I believe this event would have been in that category.

If your answers to the above questions was One Year Ago … let that sink in.

I’m going to end this with two questions I want you to honestly and earnestly ponder because the answer to these 2 may be the deciding factor in whether you know how to survive the coming apocalypse or not.

What are you going to do if the Special Investigator, Mueller probe, present clear and convincing evidence that criminal activities were committed by Trump and his associates? Possibly with cooperation of the Russians?

What are you going to do if the Republican Congress ignores the criminal acts which in effect is enacting a coupe and the take over of the government?

I hope you’re prepared.



Should Christians be Preppers?

Should Christians be Preppers? A very simple question … with potentially explosive ramifications. They say never discuss politics or religion because its a no-win situation.

Why? Because everyone has an opinion and each totally believes their version is correct, and will provide mountains of scripture, political theroeries and economic charts to prove they’re right.

Well, not being the sharpest tack in the box I’m about to commit literary suicide by discussing both of these subjects. Why? Because I think it needs to be discussed. Because I’m sick of self-righteous and self-serving people condemning people with different views. Because I’m off my meds.

Webster dictionary defines benchmark as (1) a surveyor’s mark on a permanent object of predetermined position and elevation used as a reference point. (2) a standard by which something can be measured or judged, such as his painting is a benchmark of quality.

I feel it only fair to establish my benchmark, my point of view based on brief historical and emotional experiences, in order for you to evaluate the information. I was raised a strict Southern Baptist, no dancing, no drinking, no having fun type religion, but based on God’s Word. I converted to Lutheran as an adult. I couldn’t go as far as a Catholic, I couldn’t see myself confessing all my thoughts and deeds to another person, priest or not. I’m too ashamed. But Lutheran gave me the option of having fun and drinking a bit while still hearing the Word of God. I was raised in a Union family that voted Republican … go figure. In all fairness to my parents it was a deep secret to the outside world.
Should Christians be Preppers? The original question. In my quest to answer the “Chicken or the Egg first” quandary I spot checked numerous website and blogs which dealt with this question. I was actually surprised at how many there were, but not surprised by the wide range of opinions. I must confess, to me anyway, most of the articles were boring and long winded so my research may be a bit tainted. But the gist of the learned opinions varied from God will provide, God wants us to prepare, to we won’t be here to experience the whole thing when the world tumbles down around us so don’t worry about it. Kind of a multiple choice thing.
Finding nothing convincing one way or the other I have decided to offer my own opinion on the question. Yep, here comes the suicide part.
As a self professed Christian I am sickened by the actions of the Evangelical Christians in the last few years. I feel my religion, my belief in the Almighty has been high-jacked by self-righteous and self-serving hypocrites. In order to be an Evangelical Christian you must succumb to being a staunch Republican … period. Democrats, devil begins with a D, are not allowed, possibly tolerated in some cases, but not welcomed. I simply ask “Why?”
Why are Evangelicals aligned with the Republican political party? As far as I can tell Republican philosophy contradicts nearly everything Jesus, my Lord and Savior, taught, with the exception of when Christ said the Poor will always be among us, (or something similar.) I thought we were charged with taking care of our fellow man. Obviously, my mistake.
How can you deprive children of medical insurance, possibly dooming them to death or at least a lifetime of chronic pain and agony without proper medical treatment and claim to be a Christian? I have no idea why Jesus wasted His time healing the sick. What the hell was he thinking?
How can you deprive children of food, sending them to bed with a gnawing hunger every night and declare you’re a Christian? Jesus really screwed up the Sermon on the Mount when he fed all those lazy freeloaders. Hell, if they couldn’t afford food let them go hungry. Biblical welfare. Disgusting.
There seems to be a whole lot of misinterpretation or a loss in translation from what the Bible said a few years ago and what it says now. Didn’t Jesus say “Give unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s and Give unto God what’s God’s?” (I’m no scholar … these are paraphrased quotes) Somehow Caesar has come to represent the 1% wealthiest human beings on earth. Little left for God and definitely nothing left for the poor, which are increasing daily. You next shrinking middle class person?
Now for the stake through my heart. How can you idolize a man who is a liar, a cheat, an atheist, a money monger, a false prophet and somehow spit out the words “I’m an Evangelical Christian” You’d think the words would stick in your throat.
Again, I ask why?
Republicans are Pro-life. OK. They’re against abortion, but …. they are also against per-natal care so the child has a chance of being healthy. They are against contraception so possibly not so many women would have unwanted pregnancies. They are against feeding and schooling the child destining it to a life of struggle and poverty. You hear the adage anyone can have a kid but not everyone can be a parent. Let that sink in.
Republicans are Pro-gun. Yeah, so? What’s that mean? They endorse the slaughter of little children while at school, or the massacring of innocent concert goers. What are you afraid of? The government taking your guns away? The Republicans are the government. Ever hear the adage “The pen is mightier than the sword.” With a stroke of a pen your new found king (dictator) can take your guns away. What are you going to do about it? Fight the military? Great … see how that fairs for you.
Republicans are Pro-Republicans. The end justifies the means. Democracy dies when opposition dies. Therefore, it is perfectly alright to elect child-molesters, convicted criminals, perverts, doesn’t matter as long as they vote the party line. Democracy is getting kinda boring anyway.
By now you are probably screaming “Go ahead and die you hypocrite, you old white man, you traitor to your religion.” I will … when God wills it. Until then let me state this:
I am a Christian and love my God and my Savior Jesus Christ. I bow to no dictator nor those who enable him.
I know the difference between the truth and a lie and God willing will continue to know the difference no matter how many lies I’m told.
I’m bound by no political party or their philosophy, only what God puts in my heart to be known as good and righteous with His true intentions.
Should Christians be Preppers? In my viewpoint we have no other choice than to be Preppers. Christians went willingly into the arena with the lions and you see what that got them. Jews went willingly into the gas chambers, same results. We Preppers must not only continue but must increase our efforts to insure our families’ survival.
Do I believe Christians will be swept up to Heaven and avoid the tribulation? Yes. But who says this is the end. How do we know the apparent tribulations are what is foretold? We don’t. At least I don’t. So I’m gonna prepare just in case God ain’t quite ready to end it all yet.